DaF Internship at the University of Rhode Island

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Teach German and experience campus life in the USA at the University of Rhode Island.

The University of Rhode Island is the leading university for German Studies in the USA. Students have the opportunity to earn a double Bachelor's degree in German and Engineering or German and Business Administration. The programme also includes a one-year stay abroad in Germany.

Therefore, the focus of the courses at URI lies on language acquisition and the imparting of knowledge about the country. The courses cover levels A1 to B2. The A1 to B1 courses use the innovative Impuls Deutsch textbook. These are followed by other courses with different focuses, such as literature, culture, linguistics or history.

Currently, 400 students, with 190 of them majoring in German, are enrolled in German Studies at URI.

Tasks during the internship

  • Observations: The interns can observe all courses offered (language courses as well als literature courses and regional studies courses for the higher levels).
  • Possibilities and obligations of deployment: Conversation courses, didactic work on materials, correction work, tutoring, cultural events.
  • Extras: possibility to participate in a DAAD teacher training course (October/November); participation in the use of digital media and learning platforms such as Brightspace.

Supervision is provided by various full-time teachers.

Your profile

  • Desired subject specialisation: focus on DaF/DaZ (+ didactics)
  • English language skills: At least suitable for everyday use
  • Teaching experience: First teaching experiences in the DaF/DaZ area are necessary
  • Personal characteristics: friendly, flexible, creative, independent and organised, solid PC and internet skills

Length of internship

  • One semester (approx. 3 - 4 months)
  • Spring Term: approx. 20 January to mid-May
  • Fall Term: Beginning of September to mid-December

Applications are now open and will be accepted continuously.

Download further information

Please send your application to: sigrid_berka(at)uri.edu