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Support international students in learning

As a language coach, you support international students in a course that you are taking or have already taken. You lead a small learning group with 2-5 international students, study together for exams and help with language difficulties. You will receive preparatory intercultural training as a language coach, gain intercultural experience and receive up to 4 ECTS in the professionalisation area. In addition, through the intensive engagement with the course content, you usually also improve your own results.

Three students are sitting at a table. One of them is holding up a sign with the technical term "breaking lenses.


  • German as mother tongue or very good knowledge of German (C1 level)
  • You enjoy cooperative learning, you are interested in intercultural and subject-related exchange
  • Participation in the preparatory course for language coaches

Become a language or culture coach

Dates for the S.o.S. programme in the winter semester 2023/24

The preparatory seminar consists of three parts. There are three date options to choose from for each part.

Please register for the dates in Stud.IP. To do so, select a suitable date for you in  Stoodle for each survey. You must have participated in all three parts in order to successfully complete the preparatory course.


The S.o.S.-Team 

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