The first week

Lecture in the Audimax
  • On the first day of the lecture period, the central welcome reception for first-year students with the Executive Board of the TU Braunschweig usually takes place. Afterwards, the service facilities present themselves at an information exchange in the foyer of the Altgebäude. The traditional central welcome reception will take place on Monday, 23.10.2023 at 9 am.
  • During the first week, the faculties often organize special first semester events for the individual subjects. In some subjects, first-semester students also have to fill out registration forms; here, the program coordinators can help you.
  • The first days are over and you are slowly settling in at the university. If you have any suggestions on how the quality of studies and teaching can be further improved, please contact Tell us [in German only]. Here you can send your suggestions for improvement directly to the university management and your ideas will be forwarded to the right places.
  • For almost every concern about studying, from student financing and exam anxiety to studying with children or questions about studying abroad, there are advisory services and services. The advice navigator will help you find the right offers for your questions and concerns.
  • "This is how it works here": To make your start at TU Braunschweig easier, you can read in the campus etiquette guide what you can expect from us - and what we expect from you.
  • If you're still looking for new contacts, you'll find opportunities for digital and analog networking here.