Bt-MZ 01: Neuronal Cell Biology

Course Content

In the course “Neuronal Cell Biology”, the participants are supposed to work on the experiments using transgenic zebrafish as a model for neurodegenerative disease. The following content will be provided and discussed: 1) Neurodegenerative disease modeling by expression of disease causative genes. 2) Alterations of neuron specific gene expression affected in neurodegenerative disease models (in situ hybridization, RT-PCR etc.). 3) Controlling toxic gene expression and its activity by optogenetics. 4) In vivo imaging of degenerating neurons and glial activation in neurodegenerative disease models. Lab Course: In the experimental lab course participants will be taught basic techniques conducted in developmental and neurobiological experiments that are explained in the accompanying lecture. Emphasis will be given to microscopy techniques and their application. In the accompanying seminar technical and methodological knowledge about the conducted experiments will be deepened.

Course information

Code 1313048
Degree programme(s) Biotechnology
Lecturer(s) and contact person Dr. Kazuhiko Namikawa
Type of course Laboratory course
Semester Winter semester
Language of instruction English
Level of study Master
ECTS credits 6