Research Centre

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Making health „predictable“: this is the aim of Braunschweig‘s systems biologist.

After the BRICS opening in 2016, it brings together biologists, computer scientists, chemists, physicists and engineers to work in close cooperation on questions relevant for humans health in a systemsbiology approach.


More information about the BRICS building:

  • The 3,500 square meter floor space includes state-of-the-art biological laboratories, offices and teaching rooms .
  • To realize  specialized measuring and working rooms, complex laboratory and ventilation technology was used .
  • For the education of the students, a large computer training room, a laboratory internship room and two seminar rooms were provided.
  • All floors are equipped with meeting rooms, tea kitchens and areas for break.
  • 260 workplaces were prepared and equipped. The completed building comprises 180 computer and 80 laboratory workplaces .