Members of the biochemistry group

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Prof. Dr. Anett Schallmey a.schallmey 55410 047
Melanie Walden m.walden 55400 047
Lina Ahlborn l.ahlborn 55405 035
Dr. Felix Kaspar felix.kaspar 55408 048
Julian Pagel j.pagel 55405 035
Dr. Marcus Schallmey m.schallmey 55400 047
Margarita Seeger m.seeger 55408 048
Marcel Staar m.staar 55405 035
Sophie Staar sophie.staar 55405 035

Alumni and former colleagues

Dr. Jennifer Solarczek,
Protein engineering for improved enzyme stability and selectivity in asymmetric
transformations catalyzed by G-type halohydrin dehalogenases

Prof. Dr. Mehdi Mohammadi,
Alexander von Humboldt Fellow

Dr. Jana Husarčíková,
Mechanistic and biocatalytic investigation of glutathione-dependent, ligninolytic enzymes

Dr. John Alexander Rodriguez Buitrago,
Characterization of a new three-component cytochrome P450 system from Thermobifida fusca

Dr. Laura Leemans Martin,
Design and optimization of (chemo-)enzymatic processes for the synthesis of hydroxynitriles and their derivatives

Dr. Hauke Voss, 
Identification, characterization and engineering of glutathione-dependent, lignin-degrading enzymes

Dr. Elia Calderini, 
A chemo-enzymatic cascade for the production of enantiopure aminoalcohols

Dr. Hazel Fuchs

Dr. Patrick Schrepfer

Dr. Katharina Hugentobler

Dr. Willem Dijkman

Dr. Julia Wessel (neé Koopmeiners), 
Characterization of novel halohydrin dehalogenases for application in fine chemical synthesis

Dr. Alan Mertens, 
Untersuchung verschiedener Ein- und Dreikomponenten-P450-Systeme für die Anwendung in der Biokatalyse (Investigation of different one- and three-component P450 systems for application in biocatalysis)

Dr. Paula Bracco, 
Selective steroid hydroxylation by bacterial cytochrome P450 monooxygenases

Dr. Sebastian Hofzumahaus, 
Verbesserung der Substrataufnahme in Ganzzellbiotransformationen mit Escherichia coli (Improvement of the substrate uptake rates in whole-cell biotransformations with Escherichia coli)

Dr. Pedro Picart Faiget