Introduction to Scientific Computing

General Information

Prof. H. Matthies, Dr. T. Moshagen

Dr. H. Veselovska

Lecture: Wednesday, 11:30-13:00, room: PK 3.3
Exercise: Friday, 15:00-16:30, SN 23.2

First week of the semester

Basic courses up to the intermediate diploma

Target group
Students of computer science, mathematics, natural or engineering sciences or guest students in their advanced study period, CSE students

Homework assignments and active participation in the exercises, exam

Office hours

after lecture. Appointments can be made via mail.


4th of February, 10.00-12.00. Rooms: SN 19.4 and SN 22.1. Be in both rooms on time.

Just joking. Repeaters&improvers in SN 19.4, 2018 batch in SN22.1. Watch out for modifications.

Some things:

Do not make a problem from simple things like transformation of higher order ODE or difference equation into first order system or Eigensystem decomposition. Train it. Neither make a problem from working with inequalities like Re(λ)<0 or |λ|<1. Remember that one sometimes has to distinguish cases then, which (oddly enough) did not appear during the course.

We try to design tasks in a way that systems/roots etc. can be solved by sharply looking at them, so try that first. Remember that a rank deficient 2x2 Ax=0 system is solved already if one line is fulfilled. Calculator shpuld not be needed.

One page, not sheet, of notes is allowed and has to be handed over to the examiners after finishing the exam.

Please note:

Textbooks, further notes and internet are NOT allowed to use in the exam! New regulations emphasize that alone bringing Smartphones is classified as heavy violation of rules.


By Groups of two.

We kindly, but with emphasis, request german native speakers to look for a mate that is not german speaking, for the sake of better language and soft skill learning.

Written assignments should be given to Anna Veselovska before Tutorial or put into Institute's post box, in the ground floor of Mühlenpfordtstr. 23. Code must be uploaded to svn. Details follow.

Start maybe reading the two basic chapters of the redbean svn book.



Order and content of lecture will change. The slides are from the year before and not sufficient to get all content.