University Archive

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The Braunschweig University of Technology has maintained its own archive since 1978 and it has been a department of the University Library since 1997. In accordance with the archive regulations of the Technical University of Braunschweig (in German) important documents of all of the university's institutions are stored, indexed and made available for scientific research and the interested public as well as for future generations. An advisory board accompanies the work of the university's archive.

Information can be found here not only on the history of the university and its preceding institutions (since 1745) or on people who taught, researched or studied at the university. Archival holdings of the Pädagogische Hochschule (college of education) and its predecessors (1927-1978) are held. This also applies to societies and associations closely associated with the TU are also kept.

Currently the University Archive keeps almost 1,100 linear metres of archival holdings of all kinds, dating back to the foundation of the predecessor Collegium Carolinum in 1745. The qualtity of the historical transmission varies to a degree; however, the focus lies clearly on the 20th century.

What does the University Archive do?

The University Archive maintains and administers the records of the University of Technology and its predecessor institutions since 1745, including a selection of files, documents, photographs, flyers and other historical documents that reveal the history of the university.

After the expiry of the retention periods in the administration, these documents are appraised, aquisitioned, preserved and made researchable by the university archive.

In addition, the Technical University of Braunschweig is responsible for building up historical collections and acquiring scientific bequests and premature legacies in order to supplement the tradition.

Within the legal retention periods, the records now are available for the donors, for research and science, for interested private individuals and to garantee legal certainty.

Furthermore, the University Archive offers a wide range of services and offers in the field of information on the history of higher education and science as well as the keeping of written records.

Belonging to the University Archive are the SAIB (Collection of architecture and construction engineering of the TUB) as well as the Vieweg archives.