Course reserve collection

Lecturers can manage materials for their lectures in the electronical course reserve collection. They can work on their materials themselves at any time, and the students of the respective lectures can access them at any time.

The electronical course reserve collection offers the following functions:

  • Order books from the University Library and let them be displayed for students in Reading Room 3 of the University Library. In this case, it is not possible to borrow books for the current semester.
  • Upload your own online documents (PDFs, Word or Excel documents, PowerPoint presentations, pictures, videos, mp3, etc.).
  • Create web links to relevant websites.
  • Stream videos (please contact Mrs. Blanck - Tel.: +49 (0) 531 391-5052 or by e-mail c.blanck(at)


If you hold a lecture/seminar/exercise at TU Braunschweig, you can register for the electronical course reserve collection here (the account can also run in the name of an assistant). Within one working day you will receive your login details by e-mail. You can then create one or more course reserve collection, e.g. if you hold several lectures.

Order books online

You can order books from the University Library online via your account. The library is responsible for selecting and placing the books in reading room 3 of the University Library.

Please note that we cannot place books from the institute libraries online. Likewise, books from the University Library cannot be placed on Campus North.

If you need a book that is not available in the university library, you can make a purchase suggestion (Link). Please specify in the Comment field that the book is for your course reserve collection.

Online documents and web links

You can upload and manage your own documents, public domain publications and web links yourself.

From 1st March 2018 new regulations apply according to §§60a, 60g and 60h UrhWissG. An overview of the new regulations (Link) can be found on the pages of the dbv Legal Commission.

Please note that you may only provide documents which are protected by copyright to the limited number of students of your lecture. When uploading the documents, please tick the box ‘Passwortgeschützt).

Then give the students the password that you specified when you created the course reserve collection and they have access to the documents.


You can create course reserve collection for a semester or define an individual period. Regardless of this, you can make individual documents or the entire course reserve collection invisible and visible again if required, for example, if you give a lecture each winter semester. The documents are retained, but the order of books may have to be renewed.

You can find further information on the processing of the course reserve collection in our help section or have a look at our model course reserve collection (identifier mtest, password 123456)!

If you have further questions please contact us via

E-Mail: semapp(at)

or via phone: Mrs. Fischer -+49 (0) 531 391-5072, Mrs Blanck - +49 (0) 531 391-5052