Register for students of TU Braunschweig

Note on contactless registration:
Please note that it is essential that you provide a telephone number for the use of the learning places in the reading rooms.

Hint in case of problems when entering the date of birth:
Please note that some operating systems and browsers, especially Safari on Apple computers, may have problems entering the date of birth.
Therefore please enter your date of birth in this field in this form: YYYY-MM-DD (with hyphens).

We are working on improving the registration form and thank you for your understanding.

Personal data

Located on the back of your TU-Card, starts with 0084...

I request electronic notification by the University Library to my e-mail address listed above and declare my consent to the unencrypted transmission of the data. I expressly agree that electronic notifications (including reminders) sent to the last address reported to the University Library are deemed to be known by the content and that I myself am responsible for retrieving these notifications and for reporting address changes to the University Library without delay.

Do you experience problems with this registration form?

  • If you cannot complete your registration, you can use the other registration form. Select the user status 'Other users' and have it changed at the loan desk. Unfortunately, this means that contactless registration is no longer possible.
  • If you encounter errors in the registration form please feel free to send us an e-mail.