TYPO3 room in the Matrix Messenger

To support your questions and for internal networking, you will now find a public space for TYPO3 users in Matrix Messenger.

From now on you will find a public room in Matrx Messenger for your questions and suggestions about TYPO3. The room is open to all interested persons and you can simply join. The room is called TYPO3-Web-CMS.

In this room, members of the TYPO3 team will be present to help you with your questions. At the same time, you can also network with each other in this room and feel free to help each other with questions and benefit from your different knowledge.

You can see how to enter the room by looking at the pictures below. If you already use the Matrix-Messenger, you can also open the TYPO3-Web-CMS-Room via the following link:
Matrix Room TYPO3 Web CMS

We look forward to lively participation!