TYPO3 Dashboard

In the TYPO3 backend, all editors will now find a dashboard with information about TYPO3.

A new function is now available in the backend of the TYPO3 system: the TYPO3 dashboard.

The TYPO3 dashboard is displayed as the first view every time the TYPO3 backend is started and is intended to inform you about current topics concerning the TYPO3 CMS of the TU Braunschweig.

From now on you will find news and information about TYPO3 as well as further information, such as contact to the web editorial office or current details about training dates and system updates. You will also find information about the new TYPO3 mailing list.

For more information about the dashboard, how to use it and how to hide it, please refer to the dashboard manual in the TYPO3 documentation. Please note that the documentation is currently only available in German.