Statistik with R

Statistik with R (Introduction to R)


Alexander Braumann


R is the most popular programming language in the area of statistics. It can be effectively applied in order to solve problems in basically all areas of statistics. The viewpoint of the Institute of Mathematical Stochastics is that good knowledge in R can be very useful no matter if one stays in academics or works in a company.

Please note

The course will take place. Please register in StudIP to the course named "Praktische Übung: Einführung in die Statistik-Software R". All important information can be found there. If you want to attend the course and don't speak German, please let me know (E-mail).



Thursday, 08:00 - 09:30 Uhr, CIP-Pool, Forumsgebäude 6th floor.


The exact days of lecture will be announced in Stud.IP. First lecture: 23.04.2020.



  • All relevant information about this course will be found in StudIP.
  • Course material and things related to the course can also be found in StudIP.

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