System Identification

Mechanical models are important for an efficient design of technical structures. With a model it is possible to compute the system response due to static and dynamic loads. Between the computed solution and the real system response considerable differences might appear, if wrong assumptions for model, material, geometry or boundary-conditions are made. With the system identification it is possible to correct the model with respect to experimental data. FE-model-updating algorithms can be used to identify physical properties with measured frequency response functions, eigenfrequencies or eigenmodes.

Example: Monitoring Conception

For an automated and continous monitoring, piezoceramic actuators are integrated directly into the structure. With the actuators it is possible to excite vibrations as well as to measure the system response.


For the identification, different damage indicators are developed, which enable the localisation and the quantification of structural changes.

Completed Research Projects

  • K.Schuster: Bauwerksmonitoring mit piezokeramischen Aktuatoren, Dissertation, TU Braunschweig, 2009