An insight into the research work at the CRC

... How do we protect our costs from erosion? How do we make coastal protection more sustainable? How do we appropriately implement the use of maritime energies?

The numerous projects of the CRC can include both practice-oriented research and basic research focussing the coastal area. In the area of ​​coastal protection structures and maritime energy, hydrodynamic loads on structures such as dikes, breakwaters or offshore wind turbines are examined, as well as the use of modern methods such as securing dunes with geotextiles. The knowledge gained from this contributes to optimised dimensioning and helps, for example, to predict scour formation on coastal structures and their foundations. The investigation of sediment transport under waves or of ecohydraulic processes in marine ecosystems is one of the main fields of the basic research at the CRC, which, for example, looks at the wave damping caused by the vegetation of saltmarshes in dike forelands.