Newsletter of TU Braunschweig

Newsletter of TU Braunschweig

On these pages you find the previous issues of the Newsletter of TU Braunschweig .

It provides information to all internal and external interested readers. With the cover story on socially relevant and sometimes controversial topics, a spotlight by the President, highlights from research, teaching and campus life and tips on upcoming events, we provide insight into current and future topics at TU Braunschweig and aim to encourage exchange with and within TU.

You can find the issues of the newsletter in the previous version until 9/2021 in our Magazine.


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2022/06 – Main topic: Events on campus – Everything that’s going on

Further topics: Endogenous anti-inflammatory substance discovered | Longer-lasting road surfaces | International railway systems

2022/05 – Main topic: On the road to greater sustainability

Further topics: Realistic vehicle tests in frost and heat | Living, working, producing, relaxing | 3D-printed batteries

2022/04 – Main topic: Architecture instead of antibiotics

Further topics: Building for fish | Braunschweig and Kyoto looking into alternative materials for batteries | Support for Ukrainian refugees

2022/03 – Main topic: First reactions of TU Braunschweig to the war in Ukraine

Further topics: A podcast on sustainable aviation | Hydrogen and robots in agriculture | Bringing an urban quarter to life

2022/02 – Main topic: Too dumb for quantum?

Further topics: Training neural networks more difficult than expected | More English in the lecture hall? | The C in quantum computing

2022/01 – Main topic: A tank full of hydrogen

Further topics: LaserShark sinks its teeth into office devices | Serum samples with new coronavirus variant analysed | Robust quantum computing

2021/12 – Main topic: Greater efficacy, fewer adverse effects

Further topics: Robots that can be intuitively trained | AI and molecule design | The future of urban coastlines

2021/11 – Main topic: Hackers on the hunt

Further topics: Ice-cold boost for scaling | Eco-friendly flying | Start of semester in a breakfast format

2021/10 – Main topic: New construction

Further topics: A quantum leap into the future | A ZeBra for fire safety | Global player

2021/09 – Main topic: Future City?

Further topics: Turbulent occurrences | Stopover at Venus | Self-driving family car