Center for Security Technology Transfer

Administrated via: iTUBS Technologie-Transfer-Zentren Center for Security Technology

Personal structure : Prof. Wael Adi (chairman) + Research Engineers (5 PhD Students)
Industrial Cooperation History: more than 35 years.
Industrial Cooperation with: SIEMENS, Bosch-Telecom, VW-Research, Deutsche Teleckom, Valvo/NXP, VDMA ...

Experties and Topics of Interest for Industrial Applications:

  • Security for Automotive Systems and Environment
    - CAN-Bus security
    - Manipulation Security
    - Secured Software Update
    - Clone-Resistant ECUs, Mechatronic Security
  • Used VLSI Technologies: (ASICs and FPGA Technology: System on Chip Microsemi/Microchip, Xilinx, Altera ..)
  • Combined Cryptography and Error Correction
  • Crypto-functions for Error Correction

Physical Security

  • Clone-Resistant/unclonable Elements (Unclonable Physical Structures)
  • Security of Medical System Environment
  • Fleet-Management Security
  • Hard-Locks Based physical security management and its Protocols
  • IoT Security for Unclonability

Short Profile in Vehicular Security <klich here>