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Multi mODal Intersection Simulation (MODIS)

Technological and societal advancements in the last decade created unique challenges that can only be solved by better understanding and modelling the movement of all traffic participants, not just cars. From technological perspective, development of safe autonomous cars requires better simulation tools that understand pedestrian and cyclists movements patterns. From societal perspective, infrastructure that separates traffic participants providing an advantage to motorized vehicles is seen as undesirable which lead to sharing of the same traffic infrastructure by cars, pedestrians and cyclists without strong traffic rules. Having no traffic rules and mixing all traffic modes creates great challenges for the current traffic simulations and traffic models which were not designed to solve this type of problem. 


Previous MODIS project has successfully developed models for pedestrian-car interactions and implemented the models in simulation. Building on this success, the primary aim of MODIS2 is the development of a multimodal models with strong focus on cyclists. Development of more robust models for cyclists and implementing them in simulation environment fulfills an ambitious goal of building a fundamental base for all future research relating to mixed traffic.

Project manager

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Friedrich
Room 283

Contact person

Aleksandar Trifunović, M. Sc.
Room 288