Dr. Ing. Katharina Jasch

Dr.-Ing. Katharina Jasch
Room 2.08 / ICTV

Leitung der AG „Innovative Anlagen- und Apparatekonzepte“

Curriculum vitae

2018-dato Senior research manager (Innovative equipment and plant concepts)
2017-dato Post-doctoral at ICTV
2015-2016 Test engineer at Institute for Combustion Engines
2014-2015 Parental leave
2012-2013 Post-doctoral at ICTV
2006-2012 Research assistant at ICTV
2000-2006 Studies in Bioengineering at TU Braunschweig

Research projects

  • AiF-IGF Project: "Increasing the energy efficiency of production processes through innovative heat exchangers - InnoVA-4Mix" - completed. Final report: https://mediatum.ub.tum.de/972742?show_id=1713566
  • BMBF Project: "ReProvAP - Reduction of climate-relevant process emissions through improved design of structured packing columns". Further information on ReProvAP: https://dechema.de/reprovap.html
  • BMWK Project: "Heat integration thanks to vapour recompression: more energy-efficient production processes in the chemical industry through vapour recompression using renewably generated electric power - WindaB"
  • AiF-IGF Project: "Indicator-based design of wire mesh demister for droplet entrainment from flashing feeds of real material systems - GeTReal".
  • BMWK KMU-Innovativ: "Artificial Intelligence Assistance for Process Simulation - KIAFE".
  • BMWI project: "Droplet formation and reduction in mass transfer apparatus - TERESA" – completed
  • Thermal separation processes (evaporation, distillation) and heat exchangers
  • Digitalisation in the process industry

Supervised courses

  • New equipment and technologies in thermal separation technology
  • Tutor of the class on “Micro process engineering”

Publications (selection)

Journal publications

  • Lu, Y., Hammerschmidt, J., Falk, Herbert, Scholl, S., Jasch, K.: Simulation of a pillow plate thermosiphon reboiler using an equivalent tube bundle geometry, Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 49, 2023, 103194, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.csite.2023.103194
  • Strodtmann, L., Gebauer, M., Vetter, Anne, Scholl, S., Jasch, K.: Influence of surfactants on thermosiphon reboiling, Chemical Engineering Research and Design 194, 105-114, 2023, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cherd.2023.04.015
  • Staud, R., Sun, Z., Xu, S., Scholl, S., Jasch, K.: Fluid dynamic and separation performance of foam loaded packed distillation columns, Chemical Engineering Research and Design 193, 801-809, 2023, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cherd.2023.04.006
  • Jahnke, S., Jasch, K., Scholl, S.: Wiped film evaporators: Segmental assessment of wetting behavior and heat transfer performance, Chemical Engineering Reserach and Design, Volume 163, November 2020, Page 67-75,             DOI: 10.1016/j.cherd.2020.08.019  
  • D. Appelhaus, K. Jasch, S. Jahnke, H. Hassani Khab Bin, W. Tegethoff, J. Köhler, S. Scholl: A new approach to simulate the fluid dynamics in a wiped film evaporator using Modelica, Chemical Engineering Research and DesignVolume 161, September 2020, Pages 115-124, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cherd.2020.07.001
  • Jasch, K., Scholl, S.: Evaluation of Heat Transfer on Micro-Structured Surfaces Based on Entropy Production, Chemical Engineering & Technology 36(6), 2013
  • K. Jasch, N. Barth, S. Fehr, H. Bunjes, W. Augustin, S. Scholl: A Microfluidic Approach for a Continuous Crystallization of Drug Carrier Nanoparticles; Chemical Engineering & Technology 32(11):1806 – 1814, 2009
  • W. Augustin, K. Bode, S. Scholl, N. Lucas, S. Büttgenbach: Influence of Microstructures on Convective Heat Transfer under Laminar and Turbulent Flow Conditions, Nanoscale and Microscale Thermophysical Engineering, Vol. 11 (2007), Issue 1&2 S. 43- 55

Oral presentations

  • Jasch, K., Scholl, S.: Untersuchungen zum Tropfenmitriss eines viskosen Stoffgemisches bei der Entspannungsverdampfung, ProcessNet Fachgruppentreffen Fluidverfahrenstechnik 2020, Berchtesgaden
  • Jasch, K., Scholl, S.: Beeinflussung des Tropfenmitrisses bei der Zwangsumlaufentspannungsverdampfung, ProcessNet Fachgruppentreffen Fluidverfahrenstechnik 2019, Potsdam
  • K. Jasch, H. Falk, J. Mackowiak, W. Heikamp, D. Borchardt, S. Scholl: Droplet entrainment in a forced circulation flash evaporator, ACHEMA 2018
  • Jasch, K., Scholl, S.: Process Intensification through surface roughness in micro channels: experiments and numerical simulations, 8th European Congress of Chemical Engineering, Berlin, 25.- 29.09.2011
  • Jasch, K., Scholl, S.: Numerical and experimental investigations of the hydraulic and thermal performance of rough micro channels, 4th International Conference on Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Microscale, Fukuoka, Japan, 04.- 09. 09.2011
  • Bode, K., Hammerschmidt, J., Demming, S., Gregory, O., Büttgenbach, S., Scholl, S.: Influence of roughness and fluid properties on fluid flow characteristics in silicon  microchannels, 1 st  European Conference on Microfluidics, 10.12.-12.12.2008, Bologna, Italy

Poster presentations

  • Appelhaus, D., Jasch, K., Schenkendorf, R., Scholl, S.: Stabilitätsanalyse eines Naturumlaufverdampfers mittels datenbasierter Merkmal- und Mustererkennung, ProcessNet Fachgruppentreffen Fluidverfahrenstechnik 2020, Berchtesgaden
  • Strodtmann, L., Jasch, K., Scholl, S.: Prozess- und Apparatedesign bei der Verdampfung schaumfähiger Stoffsysteme, ProcessNet Fachgruppentreffen Fluidverfahrenstechnik 2020, Berchtesgaden

Conference contributions (selection)