4 weeks before the start of term

  • Using your user ID (y-number), you will be able to access the university’s WLAN and your university e-mail address. If you did not receive a y-number at matriculation, it is best to check with the Gauss IT Centre directly. For all other questions concerning IT at the university, please read the Don’t panic brochure [in German] produced by the Gauss IT Centre.
  • Some degree programmes offer special orientation days for freshers. For details, please check this overview provided by the Central Student Advisory Service [in German].
  • You have applied for BAföG, but it is not sufficient to cover your expenses? Come and visit the Matriculation Office’s Financial Counselling Service at the Study Service Centre. The staff there will do their best to help students dealing with financing problems or financial bottlenecks. Under some circumstances, it may for example be possible to apply for an exemption from certain fees and contributions.
  • In addition to the Financial Counselling Service of the Matriculation Office, there is a wide range of counselling services at the TU Braunschweig and beyond. The TU Braunschweig counselling navi will help you to find the right counselling service for you.