The Institute for Pharmaceutical Chemistry was established in 1835 at the Collegium Carolinum in Braunschweig, the later Polytechnic School and today's University of Braunschweig - Institute of Technology, which was managed by Friedrich Julius Otto until 1870.

Appointed successors:
Friedrich Wilhelm Robert Otto (1870 to 1899);
Heinrich Beckurts (until 1885 together with F. W. R. Otto, then alone until 1925), during whose term of office a food testing institute was affiliated in 1910;
Paul Horrmann (1925 to 1936, previously in Kiel);
Friedrich von Bruchhausen (1938 to 1958, previously in Marburg, Münster, Würzburg), under whom Wolfgang Schneider established a "Seminar on the History of Pharmacy";
Harry Auterhoff (1958 to 1963, previously in Würzburg, Tübingen);
Gerwalt Zinner (1965 to 1991, previously in Marburg, Münster);
Klaus Görlitzer (1985 to 2005, previously in Berlin);
Knut Baumann (since 2006, previously in Würzburg).

In addition, following professors were or are working at the institute in the field of medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry:
Julius Tröger (1899 to 1928 as Extraordinarius); temporarily Walther Awe (Pharmaceutical Technology) and Wolfgang Schneider (History of Pharmacy) in addition to their later main tasks;
Hans-Werner Bersch (1952 to 1968);
Wolfgang Kliegel (1971 to 2003);
Dietrich Moderhack (1982 to 2005);
Detlev Geffken (1983 to 1985, then in Bonn and Hamburg);
Franz Bracher (1992 to 1997, then in Munich);
Hermann Wätzig (since 1999);
Conrad Kunick (since 2003);
Ingo Ott (since 2009).

Until 1899, the subject of chemistry was also represented, next to other disciplines of pharmacy and food chemistry. The increasing specialization led in 1933 to the spin-off of pharmacognosy (today "Pharmaceutical Biology") as well as applied pharmacy (today "Pharmaceutical Technology") in 1938, the Food Investigation Office in 1949 , the training of food chemists and food chemical research by establishing an own institute for food chemistry in 1961 and in 1982 the pharmaceutical history as "Department of the History of Science and Pharmacy" was integrated in the Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology. At the end of 1965, the Institute of Medicinal and Pharmceutical Chemistry moved into the building at Beethovenstrasse 55 and in 1981 the institute expanded, after completion of the Pharmacy Centre into Mendelssohnstrasse 1. In 2014, the "Department of the History of Science and Pharmacy" was reassigned to the Institute for Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry.