GrK 1952/1 | Metrology for Complex Nanosystems NanoMet

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Toward three-dimensional hybrid inorganic/organic optoelectronics based on GaN/oCVD-PEDOT structures

The combination of inorganic semiconductors with organic thin films promises new strategies for the realization of complex hybrid optoelectronic…

A molecular shift register made using tunable charge patterns in one-dimensional molecular arrays on graphene

The ability to tune the electronic properties of molecular arrays is an important step in the development of molecule-scale electronic devices.…

Standard White From Ultraviolet to Infrared

Irina Santourian from the Graduate School B-IGSM in portrait | In the “Braunschweig International Graduate School of Metrology” (B-IGSM), about 50…


07 September 2020 - 10 September 2020

Metrological Summer School 2020

10 May 2020 - 15 May 2020


The 12th International Symposium on Semiconductor Light Emitting Devices

04 May 2020 - 05 May 2020

QuantumFrontiers Retreat