New Feature: directly upload b/w print jobs without driver installation!

Collection and itemization of printing expenses

To ensure a reasonable utilization of our printing system for small and large scale print jobs, the Gauß-IT-Zentrum charges a regulating fee for all print jobs.
This fee is basically 'at cost' and quite reasonable.

Our printing system website offers a comprehensive overview of your printing account balance and your recent print jobs including costs.
Some additional information is provided further down regarding installation and usage. It's currently only available in german.

As user, i.e. student or staff, facutly or institute member you can:

  • view your printing account transactions
  • ensure correct print job billing
  • switch from personal to group based billing - provided your were granted this permission
  • New: directly upload print jobs via browser without driver installation

As DV-Koordinator (faculty admin) you can:

  • request a group based billing account for your department
  • review all expenses for this group account
  • independantly grant or revoke full or time-based access to this group account for your department members

Please contact the IT-Service-Desk in a timely manner, if notice any printer malfunctions or complaints about the print jobs and need to get them refunded.


Further Information:

Information regarding printing grants

As a student your are initially granted 20.00 EUR when you enroll.
This provided credit will not expire until you finish your studies at the TU Braunschweig.

During the transitional semester WS 2020/21 existing students were also granted 10.00 EUR for the last time.

In any case, enrolled students still have the option to transfer funds from the TUcard to the printing system/wallet at our locations on the central campus or the Gauß-IT-Zentrum.
Transferred funds/credits can be transferred back to the TUcard at one of our service desks if you finish your studies and do not need further printing credit.