Aims and Values


In 2013 as part of a bottom-up strategy process, we defined the document “Our Aims, Our Values”. They are the basis of our self-conception as a university. We see ourselves as part of the international research community. Our scientists, staff, and students are trained to transfer their expertise to science, business, industry, society and public administration, for example. At the same time, they remain committed to us and our values. All the members of our academic community – the professors, the staff, and the students – shape the development of our university and have provided impetus for research, teaching, knowledge and technology transfer for almost 275 years.

Our Aims


  • Excellence in Core Research Areas
  • Progress and Innovation through Collaboration
  • Transfer of Knowledge and Technology


  • Orientation to Research
  • Innovative Learning Techniques
  • Counselling and Advising

Acquisition of Personnel

  • Attractive Compensation, Infrastructure, and Support
  • Equal Opportunity and a Family-Compatible Working Environment
  • Career Development at all Levels

Strategic Capability

  • Effective Organisation and Governance
  • Principle of Subsidiarity
  • Performance-Oriented Monitoring and Efficient Administration

Our Values

Knowledge of Ourselves

  • Performance Orientation
  • Responsibility
  • Good Scientific Practice

Interacting with One Another and Others

  • Respect and Appreciation
  • Working Together Towards a Common Goal
  • Encouragement

Governance and Leadership

  • Responsibility
  • Participation
  • Transparency

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