Noémi Friedman

Institute of Scientific Computing
Technische Universität Braunschweig


E-Mail: n.friedman@tu-bs.de

Research Interests

  • Uncertainty quantification
  • Parameter identification via Bayesian update
  • Reduced Order Models, surrogate modeling
  • Smart structures and systems
  • Closed loop control
  • Analysis and design of deployable and retractable structures
  • Analysis and design of highly flexible structures in architecture
  • Light weight structures, tensegrity structures
  • Structural topology
  • Structural stability
  • Non-linear finite element methods

Teaching experience

  • Uncertainty Quantification, Parametric Problems, and Model Reduction;
  • Introduction to PDEs and Numerical Methods;
  • Numerical methods for PDEs;
  • Mechanics I: Statics;
  • Mechanics II: Strength of materials;
  • Mechanics III: Structural statics;
  • Reinforced concrete structures I, II;
  • Timber and masonry structures.

Research Projects

  • PhD thesisInvestigation of highly flexible, deployable structures : review, modelling, control, experiments and application
  • SFB 880: Fundamentals of High Lift for Future Civil Aircraft
    • Junior project JP5Robustness, sensitivity analysis and identification of the reduced order model for Coanda blowing flow control for stochastic spectral methods
    • Subproject C4: Uncertainty quantification in models for high-lift simulations
      • Uncertainty propagation analysis with a non-intrusive stochastic Galerkin approach 
      • Uncertainty Quantification of the eigenmotions of a high lift configuation aircraft
      • Stochastic description of porous material
      • Bayesian parameter identification of turbulence model with complex parameter space
  • Compressibility field identification of a gas reservoir (cooperation with University of Padova)
  • Coupling engineering simulations with stochastic analysis for uncertainty quantification and parameter identification
  • Reliability assessment of historical buildings (cooperation with University of Pisa)
  • Snow load on structures under changing climate conditions (cooperation with University of Pisa)


Invited talks/lectures

  • DLR 2019: Uncertainties in Engineering Systems and Probabilistic Approaches to Cope with them (Braunschweig, February 27., 2019)
  • EPFL 2012 - Analysis, experiments and application of an antiprismatic deployable space truss system (Lausanne, May, 23., 2012)
  • TU BS 2012 - Analysis, experiments and application of an antiprismatic deployable space truss system characterized by snap-back behaviour (Braunschweig, July 2., 2012)
  • IASS-IACM 2012 - Keynote lecture: Deployment analysis of an antiprismatic snap-through type cylindrical space truss and proposal for a pop-up bridge design (Sarajevo, 2012)

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