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Elektrobit Automotive GmbH

Hannoversche Straße 60
38116 Braunschweig, Germany

My current S/MIME certificate can be found here: X.509. Additionally I am a CA-Cert assurer.

Professional Interests

  • Research and development of numerical methods for uncertainty quantification, high-dimensional inverse problems and optimisation in the geosciences
  • Main application areas are currently history matching and optimisation for hydrocarbon reservoir applications of the E&P industry
  • Parallel software and specific computer architectures
  • Component-based software architecture
  • Connected car applications

Research Interests

Efficient solution of inverse problems and uncertainty quantification

  • Solution of dynamic inverse problems by sequential data assimilation, e.g. using sequential Monte Carlo methods like the ensemble Kalman filter or other particle filters, but especially of stochastic spectral methods / functional analytic methods such as the (generalized) Polynomial Chaos Expansion.
  • There, I am mainly focussed on methods for improving efficiency like data compression and reduction techniques, parallelisation and efficient implementation - but code maintainability and efficiency in software development are also a topic.
  • My main application is the history matching problem in hydrocarbon reservoir engineering. There, numerical models of such a reservoir are conditioned to production data, seismic data and other measurements such that they can reproduce the measurement history and predictions (together with uncertainty quantifications) can be made. It is a high dimensional, non-linear problem where sometimes millions of unknows have to be estimated (of which many are more or less correlated, but not in a simple way).

Numerical optimization and software component technologies

Efficient numerical functional evaluation

  • See my diploma thesis below.


  • My doctoral dissertation can be found here
  • My diploma thesis titled Numerical Evaluation of Functionals based on Variance Minimisation can be found here. Please drop me a line if you find it interesting!
    • 2008-07-10: Update: There were some small notation errors that I removed.
    • 2007-09-07: The bibliography of the PDF contained errors. Please download it again.
  • The slides for my presentation Version Control using Subversion can be found here. Please drop me a line if you find it interesting!

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