Prof. Dr. Ludwig

Professor of Economics, esp. Empirical Economics and Econometrics

Prof. Dr. Markus Ludwig
Bildnachweis: TU BS VWL/TU Braunschweig
Telefon: (0531) 391-2595
Sprechstunde: Donnerstag 10-11 Uhr (Anmeldung per Email)


Technische Universität Braunschweig
Institut für Volkswirtschaftslehre

Spielmannstraße 9                  Postfach: 3329
38106 Braunschweig              38023 Braunschweig

Curriculum Vitae

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Research focus

Development and Health Economics, International Trade, Climate Economics

Short Bio

Markus Ludwig is Professor of Economics, especially Empirical Economics and Econometrics at the TU Braunschweig. In his research he uses econometric methods to address research questions related to development and health economics, international and interregional integration as well as climate economics.

Before joining the TU Braunschweig in 2019, Markus Ludwig was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bayreuth and at the University of Basel where he also received his PhD in 2014.


Working Papers

  • "Roman Transport Network Connectivity and Economic Integration", with Matthias Flückiger, Erik Hornung, Mario Larch and Allard Mees. R&R at the Review of Economic Studies. CEPR Discussion Paper No. 13838.
  • "Home Bias in International Emissions Trading: Indirect Evidence on Transaction Costs in the EU ETS” (2018), with Beat Hintermann
  • "Temperature and Child Health in Sub-Saharan Africa", with Matthias Flückiger.

Selected Articles in Refereed Journals

  • “Malaria Suitability, Urbanization and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa”, with Matthias Flückiger,  Journal of Urban Economics (accepted).
  • "Ebola and State Legitimacy", with Matthias Flückiger and Ali Sina Önder, Economic Journal, 129 (2019), 2064–2089.
  • “Youth Bulges and Civil Conflict: Causal Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa”, with Matthias Flückiger. Journal of Conflict Resolution 62 (2018): 1932–1962.
  •  “Malaria Suitability, Urbanization and Persistence: Evidence from China Over More Than 2000 Years”, with Matthias Flückiger. European Economic Review 92 (2017): 146–160.
  •  “Economic Shocks in the Fisheries Sector and Maritime Piracy”, with Matthias Flückiger. Journal of Development Economics 114 (2015): 107-125.