Transportation Engineering

Transportation Engineering is a "consecutive bachelor/master program" at the level of engineering. Consecutive means that the master´s degree continues from and builds on the bachelor degree. Students first follow the 6-semester bachelor degree program,
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Bachelor und Master

The Bachelor degree pogram ends with the submission of a bachelor´s thesis and the graduate are awarded the degree of »Bachelor of Science« (B. Sc.) in Transportation Engineering. Afterwards graduates can deepen their knowledge in a 4 semestre Master degree program. They can achieve special knowledge and an individual qualification profile. At the end of the programme and after passed Master examination (including Master thesis) the degree »Master of Science« (M. Sc.) will be awarded.
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Both, Bachelor and Master degree program, contain internship to achieve knowledge how to behave in business environment and a so called professionalization area, where key skills/people skills are achieved by practising projekt management, languages or techniques for presentation.

Job opportunities for graduates

B. Sc. graduates will possess solid knowledge and skills enabling them to work professionally in transport-related fields.

M.Sc. graduates will have acquired problem-solving competence, which they can put into practice with their subject knowledge. Their integrated mixture of general and specialized skills enables them to take on strategic tasks and a high level of responsibility, especially with a view to a later management role.
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Multidisciplinarity - involved departments

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Applications for Bachelor and Master degree programm can be send from 1st June each year.

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