Business succession as a start-up option

Perhaps you are interested in running your own business but simply don't have the right idea to start things off?

Instead of setting up your own start-up, you could take over an already established business. This has a lot of advantages. For example, you can build on an already existing customer base or take on a team that already has plenty of experience and works well. In short: a business like this has already faced and left behind many of the risks of a new start-up.

But of course, there are also obstacles to overcome in taking on an established business. You may have to learn new skills. Agreeing the details with the person handing over the business is frequently a process requiring support. Our partner the Allianz für die Region offers professional support in taking over an established business. You will receive important information on all of the issues around "business succession", find important contacts with people interested in acquiring or handing over an established business and expert support throughout the process.

You'll find a press article on a successful business acquisition by a student, here: "Nachfolge des Traditionsgeschäfts für Künstlerbedarf "Graphiti" am Cyraksring gesichert" (Future of traditional art shop "Graphiti" assured)

If you're interested, please don't hesitate to get in touch at any time!

  last changed 23.02.2018
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