FAQ for students

» Who can basically advise me when I want to start a business?

The Technology Transfer Office supports all students who wish to set up their own business with basic services such as coaching, work spaces, financing options, referral to network partners, etc. The Technology Transfer Office provides a wide range of services. If you would like advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

» When should I start with my foundation?

As long as the foundation can run alongside your studies, you can start whenever you want. However, we advise you not to lose sight of your studies and to focus on a degree. Graduating from a university means you are secure for the future, as the foundation should not be as successful as planned.

»Where can I try out my start-up skills in a playful way without danger and even get credit points?

Twice a year, the Chair of Entrepreneurship offers a seminar in which an idea can be developed and played on with other people interested in starting a business over a week. Register for the next Entrepreneurship Spring School or Entrepreneurship Summer School.

» As a student, can I apply for an EXIST start-up scholarship and what do I have to bear in mind?

Students can also apply for an EXIST-Gründerstipendium. The start-up idea must be either an "innovative technology-oriented start-up project" or an "innovative service with high customer benefit, based on scientific findings and expected to be unique in the market". We also always advise that you should not found alone but in a team. The probability of approval will then be significantly higher and the successful implementation of the foundation will also become more probable. Please come to us before your foundation. After that we are no longer allowed to support you. For further information just contact us.

» Are there start-up competitions and who can prepare me for them?

There are numerous start-up competitions. On our website we have tried to list the most relevant ones that take place every year. Just check if there is something for your idea. If you have decided to take part in a competition, we will gladly support you in your preparations.

» Are there any free jobs to prepare my foundation?

In our foundation incubator, we offer several jobs that prospective founders can use. Ask if there are still places available.


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