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Why not venture a look outside your own study area, perhaps with a stay abroad, a language course, or classes on career choices and planning? These additional qualifications will help you to plan your personal career.

TU Braunschweig students with wanderlust will receive support from the International Office in planning their stay abroad.

Whether for regular studies, an internship or a PhD programme, the International Office will tell you about your different options and how best to prepare for your stay abroad.

International Office

Learn one of 13 foreign languages at TU Braunschweig. Besides language courses that are required for specific degree programmes, you can also take a class as an elective subject and earn credits towards your general education requirements.

Most classes take place during the semester, but some are also held during the lecture-free period. Please visit the Language Centre’s website to learn more about the classes on offer and how to enrol.

Language Centre [partly in German]

The German as a Foreign Language programme was designed for students from any discipline who are in their third semester or later. You will learn how to teach non-native speakers in German and have the chance to earn a certificate. Abroad, this will serve as proof of your ability to impart the German language and allow you to teach it as a subject.

Information for future teachers: In view of the growing number of pupils with migrant backgrounds, many schools welcome additional qualifications in German as a Second Language.

Institute for German Studies [in German]

Round out your education with action-oriented skills training, open to students from all the TU’s schools.

The training courses cover areas such as job applications, intercultural communications, and giving presentations. You will earn two credits per training course, towards your general education requirements. Please visit the website of the Department for Industrial, Organisational and Social Psychology to learn more and enrol.

Female students from the natural sciences and technical disciplines can also participate in workshops of the fiMINT project, designed to enhance your competencies, for example through voice training or training on successful communication in science.

Department for Industrial, Organisational and Social Psychology [in German] | fiMINT [in German]

It’s never too early to start thinking about your future. The TU Braunschweig Career Service offers free workshops and training courses, not only for graduates but also – and especially – for students.

For example, the Career Service offers the following to first and second semester students:

  • Identification of personal potential and aptitudes;
  • Hands-on work experience as a student employee; or
  • Training course on key competencies, such as self- and time management

For third and fourth semester students, the staff at the Career Service offer assistance in preparing for job application procedures and hold a variety of workshops, for example on networking.

Female students from mathematics, computer science, the natural sciences, and technology receive additional support via the fiMINT project. In addition to workshops and job application training, there are also excursions focusing on female role models in companies.

Workshop on personal potential and aptitudes [in German] | Career Service Job Market [in German] | Key competencies [in German] | Career News [in German] | fiMINT [in German]

Mentors can assist you in planning your career and offer you the chance to become familiar with corporate cultures.

For female students at any TU school, in their third semester or later, the Equal Opportunities Office offers a special mentoring programme. Its aim is to support women in making a successful career for themselves in science or economics. There is also a programme of workshops each semester with training courses for soft skill development.

The Career Service organizes the ContiMentor programme, in which a mentor from Continental AG offers you first-hand insight into a large company. PerspektivWechsel was created for students having problems in terms of motivation or academic performance. To prevent students from dropping out, mentors from various companies are available to help them define their personal and professional goals.

The Automotive Research Centre Niedersachsen (NFF) has launched NFF Future for Talents, to connect the university and the industry. During networking events, you will get to know both scientists at the NFF institutes and representatives from the industry.

In addition, the School for Mechanical Engineering offers “MentorING”, a special programme for mechanical engineering students. Students from the degree programme Culture of the Techno-scientific World (KWT) can receive support in their search for potential occupational fields through a specific KTW Mentoring Programme.

How about swapping sides? Through Mentoring Female Pupils, students are given the opportunity to become mentors themselves. Over the course of one semester, they introduce girls in their 10th grade or higher to various degree programmes in the natural sciences and technology. In doing so, they get to improve their own mentoring skills and establish contacts throughout the university.

Equal Opportunities Office [in German] | MentorING programme at the School for Mechanical Engineering [in German] | KTW Mentoring Programme

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