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Current Term Dates

Semester: 1 April 2019 - 30 September 2019

Lecture period: 8 April 2019 - 20 July 2019

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Registering at the university is only the first step. Matriculated students need to renew their matriculation each semester to be able to continue their studies. To do so, you will need to pay the relevant contributions and fees for the coming term.

When do I need to renew my matriculation?

  • by 1 February for the following summer semester and
  • by 1 August for the following winter semester.

How do I renew my matriculation?

  • Transfer the amount due to the bank account of TU Braunschweig or
  • have the amount deducted from your account via direct debit.

If you give the Matriculation Office a direct debit authorisation, the correct amount will be deducted automatically. If the amount should change later on, for example because of a leave of absence, the overpaid amount will automatically be returned to your account.

Please note: Cash payments at the Matriculation Office are not possible.

How much do I need to transfer?

The exact amount depends on your course of studies and student type. Please consult the pages on financing for details. If you fail to renew your matriculation by the deadline, an additional fee of EUR 15 will be levied.

As soon as you have renewed your matriculation, you can validate your student ID card, the TUcard, for the upcoming semester.

Attention! If you fail to renew your matriculation before the beginning of the semester, you will be removed from the Students Register.

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A leave of absence can only be taken for good reasons such as

  • a voluntary internship,
  • study abroad,
  • military or alternative service,
  • sickness,
  • pregnancy or caring for a child,
  • special family and other reasons or
  • participating in the student government

Please apply in writing. During your leave of absence, you will retain all your rights as a member of the university. You are usually not entitled to sit exams, though. Leaves of absence do not count as study time.

A leave of absence is valid for an entire semester and must be applied for by

  • 1 December for the current winter semester and
  • 1 June for the current summer semester.

You may apply for leave of up to 4 semesters and you may be absent for no more than two semesters in a row. In the cases of sickness and childcare, exceptions may be made. A leave of absence will not be granted retroactively for past semesters, or for the first term of a basic course of study.

Master's programme: For the first semester of study, leave of absence can only be granted during a study programme-related stay abroad.

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Are you having doubts about whether you chose the right subject? Staff members from the Central Student Advisory Service lead a workshop to help you recognise your strengths and aptitudes and chose the right academic subject for you.

International students are kindly asked to contact the International Office directly.

To change your academic subject, please come to the Matriculation Office in person.

Please bring the following documents:

If you have renewed your matriculation on time, you can change your subject until

  • 1 April for the summer semester and
  • 15 October for the winter semester.

If you want to change to a higher semester or to a course with restricted admission, you will need to apply for that course and be accepted.

The application period is

  • 1 December to 15 January for the summer semester and
  • 10 June to 15 July for the winter semester.

Central Student Advisory Service Workshop [German Content] | International Office Contact Persons | Matriculation Office Contact Persons | Application for a Change o Degree Programme [German Form]

Internships are a vital supplement to your studies and an excellent preparation for professional life.

For information on internships, please contact your department's course coordinators or take a look at the Career Services' job market. In some cases, it is possible to apply for a leave of absence for the duration of the internship.

For information on internships abroad, please contact the International Office.

Course Coordinators | Leave of Absence | Career Services' Job Market [German content] | International Office Contact Persons | Accident Report [German form]

A certification is official confirmation that a given copy is a faithful reproduction of the original document.

When do I need a certified copy?

  • If you need to send your certificates by mail, you can make a copy and have it certified. This is usually necessary for internship and job applications.

If you take documents for matriculation to the Matriculation Office in person, you do not need to bring a certified copy. Please bring both the original document and the copy and we will note down on the copy that we have seen the original.

Where at TU Braunschweig can I get copies of my documents certified?

  • At the Study Service Centre and
  • in Department 31 (see Mrs. Henken).

There is a charge for certifications.

Study Service Centre [German content] | Department 31 - Internal Building Administration [German content]

During their education at a university, students are insured against occupational injury by statutory accident insurance. You therefore need to report any accidents immediately. The form for declaring an accident is available from the Matriculation Office.

This insurance covers you while you are

  • attending lectures or participating in activities hosted by other university institutions (e.g. by the Library or the Sports Centre) and
  • participating in events that are organised and supervised by the university, even if they take place outside of the university (e.g. internships, excursions, seminars).

You do not enjoy insurance cover while:

  • working at home or participating in private study excursions,
  • working on your seminar paper, thesis or dissertation outside the university (e.g. at a private company),
  • you are abroad.

We recommend that students completing an internship outside of the university sign an internship contract with the company. That way, you will be covered by the Employer's Liability Insurance Association.

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