Financing and costs

Financing options

Rent, food and transportation: the monthly expenses of students are substantial. However, there are many options for financing your studies. With the help of BAföG or a credit, you can focus all your energies on your studies. Alternatively, you can look for a suitable part-time job, possibly at the university, or apply for a scholarship.

If you, your parents or spouse does not have sufficient funds to finance a degree course, you can apply for government aid, or BAföG. One half of BAföG is a subsidy that you will not have to repay. The other half is an interest-free loan that you pay back after the end of your studies. For more information on BAföG, please contact the Student Support Services Ostniedersachsen.

Student Support Services OstNiedersachsen

At the university, there are many part-time jobs available to students. As a student assistant (Hiwi), you will work a few hours per week assisting the university staff in their tasks. Student assistants are needed both at the institutes and schools and at the central facilities such as the University Library and the Sports Centre.

Many companies offer student employee positions that you can hold alongside your studies. Visit the Career Service’s website for listings.

Career Service Job Market [in German] | TU Braunschweig Job Market [in German]

Scholarships are an alternative to BAföG, student loans and part-time jobs. You do not have to be top of your class, although above-average academic achievements are usually a pre-requisite. Are you active in social or other volunteer work? Then you might be eligible for a scholarship. Have a look at our scholarship information – there are more scholarship options than you might think.

More informationen about scholarships

Are you in need of money but do not meet the BAföG requirements? In that case you can apply for a credit from the government-owned development bank KfW. This bank grants loans to students working toward their first degree so that they can support themselves independently from their parents’ income. The Student Support Services provide information about the KfW loan programme and act as an intermediary for the loan.

Financial Counselling [in German] | KfW development bank [in German] | Student Support Services OstNiedersachsen

Semester contribution

To matriculate and renew your matriculation at TU Braunschweig, you will need to pay your semester contribution. You can choose between two payment methods: transfer the total amount before the due date or give the university a direct debit authorisation.

The semester contribution for the 2019 summer semester covers the following:

  • EUR 104.00 Student Support Services contribution
  • EUR 179.77 student body contribution (including the Semester Ticket)
  • EUR 75.00 contribution to administrative costs
= EUR 358.77 semester contribution

In addition, you might have to pay long-term tuition fees.

Long-term tuition fees | Payment options

Tuition contribution

From the 2007 summer semester until the 2014 winter semester, students matriculated at universities in Lower Saxony, including TU Braunschweig, were required to pay a tuition contribution of EUR 500.00 per semester. These tuition fees were abolished by the Lower Saxony State Parliament by law of 11 December 2013 for the winter semester 2014/2015.

Tuition fees

Long-term tuition fees are levied if students exceed the standard period of study for their subject by more than six semesters. In some further education programmes, you pay tuition fees, and guest students are also assessed a special fee.

Students aged 60 and above must pay a tuition fee of EUR 800.00 per semester.

After the end of the standard period of study plus six additional semesters, you will be required to pay long-term tuition fees of EUR 500,00 per semester.

The following are exempt from paying long-term tuition fees:

  • students caring for a child under the age of 14;
  • students caring for a close relative;
  • students completing a period of study at a foreign university which is covered by the study guidelines;
  • students on a leave of absence;
  • students completing an internship that is covered by the study guidelines.

In addition to this, the long-term tuition fees can be waived, in whole or in part, in cases of undue hardship. This usually applies when the period of study was prolonged due to a disability, a serious illness or the after-effects of being the victim of a crime.

Application form for remission of long-term tuition fees [in German]

For some further education degree programmes, the following tuition fees have been defined:

  • For the further education degree course Personnel Development at the Company Level, a tuition fee of EUR 100.00 per semester is levied.
  • For the distance learning Masters course ProWater – Sustainable Management and Protection of Water, EUR 40.00 per module and credit point are levied (topic-specific English classes are EUR 60.00 per credit point). Full-time students pay a minimum fee of EUR 800.00 per semester, part-time students EUR 400.00 per semester. For your final semester, you will pay a fee of EUR 500.00 for the supervision of your Masters thesis.
  • For the further education degree programme Psychological Psychotherapy, a monthly fee of EUR 280.00 is levied. The fee for the admissions interview is EUR 40.00. Click on the link below to learn more about costs and revenue for this programme.

Students in these programmes do not pay the long-term tuition fees outlined above, but rather the special tuition fee for their course. This does not apply to students simultaneously matriculated in a degree programme that is subject to the long-term tuition fees (parallel studies [in German]).

Personnel Development at the Company Level [in German] | ProWater | Psychological psychotherapy [in German]

For students with a “guest” status, Technische Universität Braunschweig levies a fee per semester of:

  • EUR 50.00, up to and including 4 semester hours;
  • EUR 100.00, up to and including 8 semester hours.

Please transfer this amount to TU Braunschweig, making sure to include your references (“guest student”, last name, first name) and submit your guest student application along with a copy of your bank transfer confirmation.

Students at other state universities in Lower Saxony are exempt from this fee.

If you want to earn credits and sit exams, you will need to pay an additional fee of EUR 75.00 for each hour that must be spent on the exam or credit, including preparation and follow-up. Students at other universities pay half this amount.

Matriculatin Office Contact Persons [in German]

Payment options for contributions and fees

By transferring the semester contribution and/or tuition fees, you matriculate yourself at TU Braunschweig, or renew your matriculation, for the coming semester.

As a fresher, you will need to pay your contribution and/or fees manually when you matriculate at TU Braunschweig.

Students who are already matriculated will need to transfer all contributions and fees by:

  • August 1 for the winter semester;
  • February 1 for the summer semester.

If you have given TU Braunschweig a direct debit authorisation, the amount will be debited from your account on those dates.

If you are late in renewing your matriculation, an additional administrative fee of EUR 15.00 will be charged. If you fail to renew your matriculation within the reminder period, you will be removed from the register of students by act of law.

Studienservice-Centre Contact Persons

We recommend that all already matriculated students make use of the direct debit facility to pay their contributions and fees. Technische Universität Braunschweig offers this procedure as a special service, on a voluntary basis.

If you give Technische Universität Braunschweig a direct debit authorisation, you will enjoy the following advantages in connection with the renewal of your matriculation:

  • Direct debit takes place on two fixed dates (no cancellations):
    February 01 for the summer semester;
    August 01 for the winter semester.
  • The correct amount will be debited.
  • You cannot forget to renew your matriculation; it is processed automatically.
  • There is no need to remember future due dates.
  • A belated renewal of matriculation would cause additional fees.
  • If you no longer wish to participate in the direct debit procedure, you can revoke your direct debit authorisation at any time before the next due date.
  • When you are removed from the register of students, the direct debit authorisation will automatically expire.
  • If your revoke your matriculation, the direct debit authorisation will be revoked immediately and we will refund the debited semester contribution.

Please inform the matriculation office of any changes in your address, either in person or by mail or e-mail. The staff at the Matriculation Office need to have your current address in order to send you informations on potentially missed or faulty transfers.

To enable us to implement any changes ahead of the next direct debit date, please submit any new applications, changes in bank details or cancellations of direct debit authorisations by:

  • January 20 for the summer semester; and
  • July 20 for the winter semester.

The student will be responsible for any charges levied due to insufficient funds in the account, incorrect bank details or belated cancellation of a direct debit authorisation.


  • The direct debit authorisation is only available to students already matriculated at the Technische Universität Braunschweig. As a fresher, you will need to pay your contribution and/or fees manually upon matriculation.
  • Before contesting a debited amount, please contact the Matriculation Office to clarify the matter and avoid any charges.

Direct debit authorisation [in German]

If you do not wish to give TU Braunschweig a direct debit authorisation, please transfer all contributions and fees to the following account, by the appropriate deadline:

  • Account holder: TU Braunschweig
  • IBAN: DE62 2505 0000 0001 7087 00
  • BIC (Swift Code): NOLA DE 2HXXX (Braunschweigische Landessparkasse)
  • The following information must be included in the reference field for freshers: "20191.application no.(or matriculation no., if you have one), last name, first name".
    For example: 20192.143545, Mustermann, Max
  • The following information must be included in the reference field for matriculated students: "20191.matriculation no., last name, first name".
    For example: 20192.4425876, Mustermann, Moritz

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