More than 270 years of experience

TU Braunschweig has a long-standing tradition of providing an outstanding education to students passionate about the physical, natural and social sciences. Whether you are interested in classic engineering sciences, inter-disciplinary studies or international programmes with renowned partner universities abroad, you can choose from 115 different degree and part-time courses find the one that best fits your interests.

Our programmes are modular in structure and offer a wide variety of elective courses, giving you the opportunity to structure your course of study in a way that suits your personal interests. 

With 20,000 students and 2,000 professors and researchers we are able to provide students with personal attention and instruction. Our 6 schools and 120 university research institutes offer a variety of options for study and world-class research. Our close contacts with partners in research, business and industry will also provide you with valuable experience and connections for your future career.

Come and study in Europe’s most active research region

27 non-university institutions and worldwide operating companies in the automotive and the electric industry make Braunschweig Europe’s most active research and development region: More than 27,000 people work in research institutions as well as the development departments of major companies.

This is what makes Braunschweig the ideal location for a university: our scientists cooperate closely with non-university research institutes and companies – not only for individual research projects, but also by building up a network with other research institutes through interdisciplinary think tanks. Thanks to this cooperation between the university, research institutes and industry, you will be able to

  • participate in current research projects from an early point in your studies,
  • gain insight into the professional world of companies and non-university institutes,
  • write study papers and a thesis on exciting topics, and
  • establish contacts with potential future employers.
TU Braunschweig international

TU Braunschweig is a university with an international profile: More than 2,700 students and young scientists from more than 110 countries study and research here. TU Braunschweig maintains partnerships with more than 300 universities all over the world. Each year, we welcome 300 new international students, come here to study for an academic degree or to participate in bilateral exchange programmes.

Service and support for all international students and scientists is provided through the International Office. The staff at the International Office will answer all your questions concerning application and admission, visa regulations, financing and student life at TU Braunschweig. Our Welcome programme and peer student programme will ensure you settle in quickly and soon feel at home in Braunschweig. 

Read more on the web site of the International Office.

The international qualifications of our graduates are very important to us. We therefore offer a wide range of exchange programmes that allow you to spend part of your course at a partner university abroad, for example in the USA and Canada, South America, New Zealand, Russia, China, Japan and Europe. Some dual degree programmes even give you the opportunity to earn an additional university degree at one of our partner universities abroad. 

Read more about studying or interning abroad on the website of the International Office.

Academic Facilities

You will find all the books and journals you need for your studies at the University Library. It contains over 2,000,000 printed and digital media, over 35,000 electronic and over 2,500 current printed journals. There are individual and group workstations available as well as WLAN for connecting your own laptop.

Read more about the University Library.

The Gauss IT Centre provides all students and scientists at TU Braunschweig with an extensive network and computer infrastructure. As a student you will be given a personal user name. This user name grants you access to TU Braunschweig's many online services. Our WLAN gives you access to the Internet across the campus as well as in the halls of residence.

In total there are about 200 PC workstations available on campus. Furthermore, there are special video work spaces, scanners, printers, and plotters for all applications. Digital cameras and other equipment can be borrowed. For work that requires high computer capacity, you can use our high-performance computers.

The Language Centre at TU Braunschweig offers different levels of language courses in German and 13 foreign languages and cross-cultural communication, helping you for example to prepare for a stay abroad as a student or intern. An open access area (Mediothek) with multi-media learning workstations is there to assist you in your language learning. Additionally, there are textbooks, dictionaries and more than 1.000 foreign language films available.

Student Life

TU Braunschweig has a fully-equipped Sports Centre (Sportzentrum) that provides sports facilities and training opportunities on campus. Additionally, it offers courses in some 90 different types of sports. Most courses are free; for some, a small fee is charged. Specific sports such as parachuting and horse riding are more costly. The wide range of sports on offer is exceptional: In rankings the Sports Centre at TU Braunschweig was placed in the top group.

Student parties are a part of student life: there is always a reason to have a party, and many student groups host parties during the semester. The first big party of the semester is the welcome party given by the International Student Network for all new international students.

The university cinemas are student initiatives: there are three film clubs at TU Braunschweig that screen films every week in the Audimax or the cinema in the hall of residence. The atmosphere is fantastic and tickets are inexpensive, ranging from EUR 2.00 to EUR 3.50.

If you enjoy acting, playing music, dancing, singing, making films,or have always wanted to appear in a cabaret, several student groups and initiatives at TU Braunschweig are waiting for you. New members are always welcome.

Whether you want to get in touch with other international students, build racing cars or get involved in student politics, you can easily find a group at TU Braunschweig. There are currently over 80 international, political, academic, and religious groups and societies. And if you want to, you can even start your own.

Two Mensas (refectories) and four cafeterias as well as a cooffe bar and a bistro cater to the culinary needs of students at TU Braunschweig. Hot meals are served at lunchtime and in the evening, and you can always buy coffee, drinks, cake and other snacks in between lectures and seminars. The prices are low: lunch costs between EUR 1.60 and EUR 5.30.

Services and advice on any and all university-related topics

Visa applications, new to Germany, or first exam stress: At TU Braunschweig there are qualified people on hand to answer all your study-related questions. We offer a wide range of advice services, which you can use during your course and even before they begin.

The Study Service Centre (SC) offers a joint venue for advice and services for prospective students, current students and those interested in TU Braunschweig. With this single point of contact, you can make use of all the advice, information and services on offer. Responses to your requests and concerns will not be delayed by back-and-forths between offices. The following facilities are integral parts of the Study Service Centre: Matriculation Office, Central Student Advisory Service, International Office, Career Services and Student Support Service.

Study Service Centre website

International Office

International Office is your first point of contact for all questions you might have about studying at TU Braunschweig. We provide you with support and information on issues such as application and admission, visa regulations, finance or the University in generalWe also advise students at TU Braunschweig who are planning to study abroad.

Contacts at the International Office

Central Student Advisory Service

The Central Student Advisory Service can advise you on decisions concerning your academic subject and provides information on qualifications that may be necessary for admission. During the further course of your studies, you can contact the Central Student Advisory Service whenever necessary, for example if you are struggling with your subject or are considering a change of your degree course.

Contacts at the Central Student Advisory Service [in German]

Matriculation Office

The Matriculation Office is responsible for admissions procedures and for registering students at the university. During the course of your studies, you will come into contact with the Matriculation Office whenever you request a leave of absence, change your academic subject or request your removal from the Students Register at the end of your studies.

Contacts at the Matriculation Office [in German]

The International Student Network (ISN) is a student association, which organizes joint activities for international and German students.

When you start in Braunschweig the ISN provides support in the form of the international peer student programme. This enables you to find a peer student, who picks you up from the station or airport and familiarises you with the University and Braunschweig. He will be glad, for example, to help you with matriculation formalities, to open a bank account, and with insurance policies.

The ISN provides a varied semester programme featuring short trips and excursions, sport tournaments, visits to the theatre, parties, and weekly get-togethers in student bars in Braunschweig.

  • Social Counselling – The Social Counselling service of the Student Support Service Braunschweig will help you with any questions in respect of financing your studies, dealing with the authorities, working during your studies or studying with children.
    Contacts at the Student Support Services
  • Psychological Counselling Centre – We offer group classes, for example on coping with exam nerves, self-organisation, time management, dealing with stress, as well as individual counselling and short-term therapy sessions.
    Contacts at the Psychological Counselling Centre
  • Legal Advice at the General Students’ Committee (AStA) – Come here for a free initial consultation with a lawyer on any legal matter.
    Contacts at the General Students Committee [in German]
  • The International Office and the social counselling section of the Student Services provide advice for physically-challenged and chronically ill students. Please contact us early if you are planning to study at TU Braunschweig to enable us to ensure you will find all the requisite services here.
    More information at the social counselling section of the Student Support Services.
Discover Braunschweig

More than 20,000 students live in the historic and vibrant university city of Braunschweig. They study, work and research at Technische Universität and University of Art, shaping life in the Oker City.

Fancy going out for a drink with your fellow students in one of the pubs in the university district? Or would you prefer a party with live music? Technische Universität Braunschweig is located right in the heart of the city. Only a few steps from the main campus, small bars and cafés abound. Sit outside and enjoy the sun or celebrate passing an exam with your friends.

Only a short walk will take you to Braunschweig’s inner city. Against the backdrop of its historic city centre, you will find everything you’re looking for in a major city: cinemas, restaurants, museums, shopping, night clubs, pubs, cafés, a theatre and many things besides. And the Braunschweig Lion, the city’s landmark since medieval times, is ever-present.

Every year, the City Jazz Night turns the entire inner city into one big jazz club. But also on other nights, you will find a diverse mixture of clubs, concerts and countless other events, for example the Festival Theaterformen, the Raffteich Open Air, the legendary Blauhaus Parties, the students’ film competition durchgedreht24, and the break-dance world championship Battle Of The Year.


You will find some first-class sporting events in the Lion City, ranging from high-level athletics and swimming championships to ATP tennis tournaments. Another highlight worth watching is a game of the Basketball Lions Braunschweig in the first Basketball Bundesliga. Or come out and support the thrilling Bundesliga-football of Eintracht Braunschweig. You can also get active yourself – why not participate in Braunschweig’s Night Run or one of numerous other sporting events, join one of the city’s countless sport clubs or, needless to say, come join the fun at TU Braunschweig’s Sports Centre?

Many students meet in one of the parks that are located all over the city. They are particularly popular for barbecuing and playing football. You can jog and go for a walk in the Riddagshausen nature reserve, which begins in the city itself. The river Oker, which flows right around the city, is ideal for rafting and canoeing. Going to Harz National Park to ski takes just a short trip. The Weserbergland as well as the Südheide are popular destinations for day trips.  Many students take advantage of the central location of Braunschweig to visit Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig or Cologne for a weekend.

Braunschweig has an excellent infrastructure. On foot, by bicycle and by public transportation you can get anywhere in a short time. As a student you receive a semester ticket, which enables you to travel free of charge by bus, tram, and local trains in Braunschweig and the whole of the federal state of Lower Saxony. It is also possible to get everywhere by car. There are many parking sites on campus.

At home in Braunschweig

You will find your new home in Braunschweig. But remember to apply as early as possible for an apartment or a room! Over the last few years, the number of students in Braunschweig has been rising steadily so there may be a shortage of reasonably-priced housing, especially during the winter semester.

The Östliche Ringgebiet (Eastern ring road area) abuts on the university’s main campus, which is why you will find many shared apartments there. While looking for accommodation, also consider the Westliches Ringgebiet (Western ring road area) and Nordstadt (Northern city); many students have settled there, as well.

Rental prices, just like the cost of living, are on an average level in Braunschweig. Your own little apartment will cost you between EUR 350 and EUR 400, everything included. A room in a shared apartment costs between EUR 200 and EUR 300. On the other hand, living in a hall of residence during the first semester will make it very easy to meet other students.

The Student Support Services operates nine halls of residence and a guest house with a total of 1,921 rooms. A single room in an apartment complex starts at EUR 170. For your own apartment in a restored half-timbered house, expect to pay around EUR 500. You can apply for housing even before you receive your letter of acceptance. Please contact the Student Support Service for contacts, links and further information on looking for accommodation in Braunschweig.

Contacts at the Student Support Services


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