Research Associate in the framework of the exchange program “International Female Program FOR 3022”

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Research Associate in the framework of the exchange program “International Female Program FOR 3022”

Institute of Adaptronics and Function Integration

Research Associate in the framework of the exchange program “International Female Program FOR 3022”

The Institute of Adaptronics and Function Integration (iAF)

is looking for a female Research Associate
(50% TV-L 13, limited to 6 months)

within the Research Unit FOR3022 (“ Ultrasonic Monitoring of Fibre Metal Laminates Using Integrated Sensors”)

For a six-month research work entitled “Parameter study on the influence of graded material transition zones on the propagation of Guided Ultrasonic Waves (GUW)”

The integration of sensors into structures always influences the structural compliance regarding stiffness and structural strength properties. The main aim within the Research Unit FOR3022 is the full integration of ultrasound sensors into Fibre Metal Laminates for detection of GUW inside the structures. Since the integration of the sensors comes with a difference in stiffness and acoustic impedance due to sudden material transitions, the transition zones between composite matrix and sensor are to be adapted by the integration of nano-particles.

The aim of this six-monthly research work within the international female program of FOR3022 is a parameter study for the investigation of the influence of such material transition zones on guided ultrasonic wave propagation regarding the size/ dimensions of the material transition zone in conjunction with the material property gradient. Since the location of the later sensor embedding lies within the composite part of the FML, the boundaries of transition zones are characterized by the epoxy matrix on the one hand and by the sensor material on the other.

•    At the beginning of this research work, the design of the test specimens and their manufacturing need to be worked out. A focal point is on the feasibility in terms of manufacturing and reproducibility of the material properties.
•    The aim of the subsequent experiments is the identification and classification of the influences on the propagation of GUW using established experimental methods like Laser-Doppler Vibrometry and PZT transducers at selected locations on the specimens.
•    The functional relationships between transition zone properties and wave propagation behaviour will be explicitly described.

•    A master’s degree in mechanical engineering or similar
•    knowledge of structural dynamics

The starting date of the research work is the 01. September 2020. For closer information please contact

Dipl.-Ing. Liv Rittmeier
phone: 0049 531 391 2682

Since the international female program is a funding program for female scientists, this call is directed exclusively at female applicants. The TU Braunschweig promotes diversity and integration and strives in all areas and positions to reduce under-representation in the sense of the NGG. Therefore severely handicapped applicants are preferred if they have the same qualifications (proof must be enclosed). Application costs including travel expenses cannot be reimbursed. Please understand that applications can only be returned against a self-addressed, sufficiently stamped envelope. Personal data will be stored for the purpose of the application procedure.

Please send your written or electronic application until 30.04.2020 with meaningful documents to:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Sinapius
Institute of Adaptronics and Function Integration
Langer Kamp 6
38106 Braunschweig




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