The UNIcert® system of certification is based on a framework of reference agreed by leading German universities and institutes of higher education. Its objectives are to promote equivalent standards in language teaching at university level; to contribute towards an increased standardisation in foreign language certification in higher education; and thus to create a system of language certification that is recognised outside the universities too.

At the same time, UNIcert® serves as a guarantee of the quality of the language training offered by accredited organisations in higher education.

Under this system, students can easily transfer to a language course at another university that is accredited for the same level of the required language.

Organisations are accredited for three years only, after which period their accreditation is reviewed. This safeguards a consistently high quality of language training at the participating universities.

The UNIcert® system comprises four skills levels based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). These cover language learning spaces ranging from beginners without any previous knowledge to very advanced learners:

UNIcert® I Basic level. Courses are based on B1 and lead to basic foreign language skills that can be developed further
UNIcert® II Based on B2. Courses at this level will provide an introduction to general scientific language or focus on specific disciplines or groups of subjects.
UNIcert® III Based on C1. After completing this level, learners should be well equipped to cope with the language requirements of a stay or study period in a country of the target language (international studies, placements or research visits).
UNIcert® IV Based on C2. Courses at this level teach very advanced skills in the foreign language, such as are required by academics in education and at work. Depending on the specialism, they may be either general language or scientific language courses. After completing this level, learners should have a level of language proficiency that is equivalent to that of an educated native speaker in the same scientific field.

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If you are interested in taking a UNIcert® certificate, please contact your instructor or the relevant section head, who will tell you the minimum requirements.

  • Registration form for UNIcert® examinations and cumulative UNIcert® certificates (pdf).

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