Exam Regulations

Unless otherwise specified (for instance, in the UNIcert® examination regulations), the following general rules apply to examinations and assessment at the Language Centre:

  • In order to be admitted to an examination, a candidate has to meet the requirements for an ungraded certificate.
  • Before the start of the examination, candidates must provide proof of identity with a photo identity card and student ID card.
  • Only written work that is easily legible and written in permanent ink (such as with a ballpoint pen) shall be considered.
  • Candidates who are found to cheat or use unauthorised material or equipment during an examination may be disqualified from continuing the examination. In such a case, the candidate's performance in the examination shall be considered as a "fail" (nicht ausreichend).

Rules for (written) coursework

  • Candidates must complete all assignments, homework, presentations or any other work themselves.
  • All sources and quotations used must be indicated as such. Individual sentences and parts of sentences from work not written by the candidate himself or herself must also be indicated as quotations and a source given.
  • The use of others' work (as well as the use of the candidate's own work prepared for another purpose) without any indication to that effect shall result in no credits being awarded for the assignment or in the whole course being graded as "fail" (nicht ausreichend / nicht bestanden).

  last changed 08.07.2015
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