Information about DSH


Aim of the examination Give evidence of sufficient German language proficiency to study on a degree programme
Entrance requirements Intermediate II/B2.2 or an equivalent level of German
Examination tasks
  • Understanding and extracting information from a spoken text, answering questions about the spoken text
  • Understanding and extracting information from a written text, answering questions about the written text
  • Writing (controlled)
  • Understanding and extracting information from scientific language structures
  • Oral test
Test procedure
  • Part 1: Listening: The spoken text is read twice. During the first reading, you may take notes but not look at the tasks.
  • After the first reading, you may open your answer sheet. You have 10 minutes to read the questions/tasks.
  • The text is then read a second time. After the second reading, you have time to complete the tasks.
  • Completion of listening tasks (40 min.)
  • Part 2: Reading: Completion of reading tasks (60 min.)
  • Part 3: Completion of scientific-language tasks (30 min.)
  • Part 4: Writing (controlled) (60 min.)
Examination fees
  • For students registered on a German intensive course at TU Braunschweig: € 100.00
  • For external course participants: € 150.00
  • Please be aware that paid fees can not be refounded
Aids German monolingual dictionary
Assessment of the written test You can score a maximum of 105points:
  • 30 points for listening
  • 30 points for reading
  • 15 points for grammar
  • 30 points for writing

A high score in one area can compensate for a low score in another area. The total number of points determines the result.

DSH results below 60 points: fail

DSH-1: 60-69 points

DSH-2: 70-85 points

DSH-3: 86-105 points

Assessment of the oral test

To pass the DSH examination, you need to pass both the written and the oral tests.

Only candidates who have passed the written test may take the oral test.


You can register for the DSH examination about 2 weeks before the date of the written test. Please go to the Language Centre Mediothek (Pockelsstraße 4, first floor). (Please bring along evidence of admission to TU Braunschweig or proof of registration on an intensive course in German as a Foreign Language.)

When you register, you will need to show the following: your B2.2 certificate; a bank receipt as proof of payment of the DSH examination fee; a copy of your passport; and your notification of admission.

Resits We regret that resits are not possible.
Grades We issue certificates for levels DSH-1, DSH-2 and DSH-3. In order to obtain the certificate for a level (for instance, DSH-2), you need to achieve at least that level in both your oral and written tests. Your DSH certificate indicates the grades awarded for each part of the examination in percentages.
Examination regulations For details, please read the DSH examination regulations..

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