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French language courses

Summer semester 2018

For a list of the courses currently available, please go to fr - French.

Registration and placement test

If you would like to attend one of our French language courses, you will need to take the placement test. It takes about 30 minutes and you can access it online on the French web pages. Your score places you at a specific level and allows you to register online for a course at that level. If you have not studied French before, you need not take the test, but instead register for the course Français I.

Even if you feel that you have forgotten all your French, you should not start again from the very beginning. You will lose a lot of time and will not feel quite at home in an elementary level class. Depending on your score in the placement test, you should instead take a course at one of the next levels, or the refresher course.

To move up to the next course, you need to pass your current course with a minimum grade ausreichend / 4.0. If you do not manage that, you will have to take the same course again. Alternatively, you can take the placement test again to move up to the next level.

The table below shows which score you need for each of our courses:


UNIcert®   I

Français   I fr-a1.1-X

00 – 19 pts.


Français   II fr-a2.3-X

20 – 39 pts.


Français   III fr-b1-X

40 – 60 pts.


UNIcert®   II


61 – 70 pts.


UNIcert®   III


71 points or more




>>> Click HERE to go to the French placement test <<<




Do I have to take the placement test?

If you have passed the written examination at the end of a course, you do not need to take the placement test.

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