Französisch / French

French is a romance language which is spoken in over 50 countries by more than 220 millions of people. The language is represented on all continents.

More than 115 millions of people are native speaker and for 105 millions of people French is their second language. One of the particularities of the French languages are the three accents: „accent aigu“ (é), „accent grave“ (è) and „accent circonflexe“ (ê) and of course its intonation.  Until the World War I, French was the most important universal language accros the world and, in addition to Englisch, the second language of diplomacy. Nowadays, French is official language and lingua france of the UN, OAS, African Union, Interpol and WTO, also UEFA and FIFA. French is a neighbor country of Germany and an importent business partner. Furthermore, there are really nice travel destination where French is spoken: France, Maghreb countries,  the French oversea departments like La Réunion or French-Guayana, Québec, New Caledonia and Vietnam. In order to practice the French language, there's a beautiful place for everyone. Our French courses range from Level A1 to C1!                              © by Ingrid Laval-Speier

We offer general language courses and beyond the level B2, special courses for listening comprehension or writing. There are also courses with a special topic like French culture or intercultural training. 

In the summer term there are summer courses offered in Toulouse and intensive courses at the TU Braunschweig; on top of that we're celebrating in winter a christmas party (Fête de Noël).

If you are interested in French cinema, come to "Kino im Hörsaal".                        © by Nils Jeske

If you have already prior knowledge, please do the  C-Test, before the registration ( with the exception of beginners)!





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