Placement Tests

Registration for language courses

In order to register for a language course in the languages of German, English, French and Spanish, it is necessary to first take a computer-based placement test in the form of a C-Test. The results of these tests allow us to estimate your current language ability and thus to form homogenous groups based on the participants’ language levels. Once you have completed a placement test, you can sign up for a language course at the level at which you have placed.

Test dates

Tests for French and Spanish are not restricted to the Mediothek.

In the case of English, placement testing takes place in the Mediothek on pre-arranged test dates, which you can find on our website: Test dates for English.

There is no need to register for placement tests as up to 25 people can be tested simultaneously.

Exception: Special registration procedure in German as a Foreign Language (DaF)

Language courses for German as a Foreign Language (DaF) have a special registration procedure.
Test dates for German

Time needed

You have a maximum of 25 minutes to complete the test, but please allow at least 40 minutes as you will have to read the instructions and perhaps look at an example test.

What is a C-Test and what does it look like?

C-Tests are language tests that aim to measure the general language ability of a test-taker in their native language or in a foreign language. The first C-Tests were developed by Raatz und Klein-Braley in 1981 in the languages of English and German (cf. www.c-test.de). A C-Test consists of 4 or 5 authentic testlets, in which a total of 100 words (25 or 20 per testlet) are mutilated. For each testlet, the first and last sentences are complete, allowing the reader to identify the context of the piece. Between these, every second word has the second half, or half plus one letter, of the word deleted. The test-taker is given 25 minutes to complete the missing text items.

C-tests are among the most researched language test types and are thought to be an objective and accurate measurement tool. They are in use in many different countries and testing situations, particularly where a general assessment of language ability is required, e.g. placement and selection processes.

Links and practice tests

Further information on C-Tests, including practice tests in German and English, can be found under: www.c-test.de

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