Language Tandem

Welcome to the Language Tandem program!

Would you like to improve your German language skills beyond regular language classes with the help of a native speaker? Are you interested in meeting some local TU-students?

Then our Language Tandem might be just right for you!

How does the tandem work? We will help you to find a partner who wants to learn your native language. The two of you meet up on a regular basis to help each other to improve your language skills.

The next tandem meetings will take place at the end of the summer semester 2019.

For further information please register here.

What exactly is a language tandem?

The tandem concept is based on four ideals:


Both partners are equally involved and benefit from the meetings.

Self-directed learning:

The participants autonomously regulate their workload and the speed of learning, while their partner supports and encourages them.


The partners do not only improve their language skills, but also their intercultural knowledge and competence.


The tandem partners arrange their meetings independently and depending on their individual availability.

Are there conditions for participation?

  • The tandem program is open for everyone interested.
  • During the program the tandem partners meet up at least 10 times for a minimum of one hour per meeting.
  • They spend an equivalent amount of time practicing each language.
  • The meetings are documented in a “learning log”.
  • After the third meeting the tandem partners participate in a consultation with their tandem coordinator.
  • At the end of the program all participants of the tandem program take part in a closing event.
  • All participants take part in the evaluation (questionnaire) of the program.

If the conditions are met, you will get a tandem certificate at the end of the program.

Unfortunately, we cannot give any Credit Points for your participation in our tandem program.

 How can I participate?

  1. Sign up to our tandem portal!
  2. Submit your native language and the langue you would like to improve (German).
  3. In case there are potential tandem partners for you, we will invite you to a “Speed-Tandem”-Meeting via the tandem portal/via e-mail.
  4. You can sign up to the meeting by following the e-mail link or in the tandem portal.
  5. At the “Speed-Tandem”-meeting you will have the opportunity to meet up with your potential tandem partners and start your tandem.

Where can I find learning material?

On Seagull you can find learning material for different purposes, e.g. grammar, vocabulary. 

How can I get an appointment with the tandem coordinator?

To get an appointment with the tandem coordinator please have look at our calendar and choose a date that is convenient for you.

Send an e-mail at least three days in advance telling us the day and time you would like to have your appointment.

We will send you a confirmation email as soon as possible.

How and where can I get the tandem certificate at the end of the program?

You can get your certificate during our “Zertifikatsprechstunde” at the language center. To get you certificate you have to have taken part in the tandem closing session and bring your completed “learning log”.

You can find the consultation hours for the “Zertifikatsprechstunde” here.

Contact and coordination

Feel free to get in touch with us in person or via e-mail:

Nese Arslan

Bültenweg 74/75, room 221

Consultation-hour: Tuesday 11-12 pm or by arrangement

+49 531 391-7288


Tim Dittmann

Bültenweg 74/75, room 118

Consultation-hour: Tuesday 4-5 pm or by arrangement

+49 531 391-7289


  last changed 06.06.2019
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