International Female Program

The international female program is a CRC 880 initiative aimed at increasing the number of female researchers and students in the collaborative research center. The program is divided into 2 parts: the “Research Internship Program,” which is aimed at young female scientists who finished their Master’s degree, and the “International Master’s/Bachelor Projects,” which is aimed at female students looking for theses projects. Both variants are described below.

Research Internship Program

The Research Internship Program program is 6 months long and is available to female candidates who finished their Masters or their Doctorate degree and are interested in experiencing firsthand the research environment at TU Braunschweig and DLR. Each participant is paid for her research work based on 50% capacity for an E13 position (around 1078 euros per month after deductions).

Beside the scientific work, the program also offers the participants the opportunity to partake in intensive German language courses. The candidate will be enrolled in the proper language course level based on a placement test. All fees related to the intensive German language courses are paid by the program.

For more information about the program, see our information poster.

The candidates can select from several projects from various fields in the CRC 880. The current vacancies in the international female program can be found here.

International Master’s/Bachelor Projects

The International Master’s/Bachelor Projects are aimed at female students looking for Bachelor and Master’s projects within the CRC 880. The program is 3 months long for Bachelor projects, and 6 months long for Master’s projects. It is offered to all students including those from German universities (excluding students currently enrolled at TU Braunschweig).

In order to support their expenses during their stay, each student will be offered a student assistant job, where she will work with researchers from the CRC 880. This student assistant job is limited to 40 hours/month and pays around 434 euros/month for Bachelor students and 487 euros/month for Master students after deductions.

The students can select from several projects from various fields in the CRC 880. The current vacancies in the European female theses program can be found here.