Description C4

The project quantifies and identifies the uncertainties in selected simulations of the Collaboratory Research Centre. In the first funding period, the flight mechanical model and the aircraft design method were considered. The developed methods for stochastic forward problems need further improvements such that they can be used for identification in the area of Bayes inverse analysis. Further applications include the identification of parameters in the turbulence models of flows along porous media, and the stochastic characterization of experimental scans of these media.

» Description for funding period 1 (2011-2014)

The robustness of flight behavior in a high-lift configuration will be investigated and characterized with stochastic methods. The initial uncertainties in the aircraft flight mechanics models will be approached with the help of functional approximations which use a low-rank representation and will be modeled, specified by probabilistic methods, and numerically efficiently represented. These stochastic models for the forward simulation allow for an assessment of the robustness of the highlift configuration. They will be updated with Bayesian methods for the improvement and identification of the uncertain quantities in the models with the help of the more precise RANS-calculations.