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I am a passionate programmer and a fan of open-source software. Here are some of the tools that I have developed whenever there was some free time.

Harry: A Tool for Measuring String Similarity

Harry is a small tool for comparing strings and measuring their similarity. The tool supports several common distance and kernel functions for strings, such as the Levenshtein (edit) distance, the Jaro-Winkler distance and the compression distance. Harry is implemented using OpenMP, such that its runtime scales linear with the number of available CPU cores. Software website

Sally: A Tool for Embedding Strings in Vector Spaces

Sally is a small tool for mapping a set of strings to a set of vectors. This mapping is referred to as embedding and allows for applying techniques of machine learning and data mining for analysis of string data. Sally can applied to several types of string data, such as text documents, DNA sequences or log files, where it can handle common formats such as directories, archives and text files. Software website

Malheur: Automatic Analysis of Malware Behaviour

Malheur is a tool for the automatic analysis of program behavior recorded from malicious software (malware). It has been designed to support the regular analysis of malicious software and the development of detection and defense measures. Malheur allows for identifying novel classes of malware with similar behavior and assigning unknown malware to discovered classes using machine learning. Software website

Other Tools

  • Derrick: A Simple Network Stream Recorder
  • Papillon: A Security Kernel Module for Solaris
  • Jassi: A Simple and Robust JavaScript Lexer

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