Our research revolves around the security of computer systems. We develop novel methods for protecting systems from attacks, analyzing malicious code and spotting security vulnerabilities. A special focus of our research is on combining security systems with machine learning. This combination enables us to develop intelligent security systems that adapt to changing threats.

Research Focus

Running Projects

  • APT-Sweeper (BMBF)
    Contextual and Structural Detection of Targeted Attacks
    Efficient Analysis and Detection of Modern Malware
    Analysis and Mitigation of Organized Fraud in E-Commerce
    Intelligent Intrusion Detection Systems for Industrial Processes
  • PropStop (BMBF)
    Detection, Analysis and Mitigation of Online Propaganda

Open-Source Software

We support the development of open-source software and make several of our research tools publicly available. You can find a list of all our software projects here.

Security Vulnerabilities

Over the last years we have discovered several security vulnerabilities in popular software. A list of CVE numbers for these vulnerabilities is available here.

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