Team and Leadership

Team diagnosis, team development and team interaction processes

Most of today’s work takes place in teams. In our research, we are interested in the behaviour of teams, the diagnosis of teams and the subsequent team development measures. We frequently use the Questionnaire for Working in Teams (Fragebogen zur Arbeit im Team; F-A-T, Kauffeld, 2004) for diagnostic purposes. We further use process analyses to shed light on interaction processes in teams based on objective, behavioural data and analyse these data with the act4teams® coding scheme.

Leader-follower-interaction, Shared Leadership

Many leaders’ everyday life is characterised by demanding communication tasks, such as chairing meetings, leading appraisal interviews or feedback. In our research, we address how leadership, conceptualised as a social influence process, takes effect in communication. We don’t look at leaders as independent individuals, but focus on the interaction processes between leaders and followers. For example, we investigate the influence of leadership in appraisal interviews and team meetings. Furthermore, we research how leadership can be shared in teams.

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Additional information about FAT:
FAT in the Testzentrale
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