Career and Coaching

Professional Orientation, Career research

Research on professional orientation and career addresses factors that benefit or hinder career decisions. Our research on professional orientation focuses on choosing to study or not to study, and on the “first generation”. Furthermore, we examine career paths of junior scientists in Germany, taking a multi-factorial, prospective-longitudinal, multi-methodological and psychological perspective.

(Career-)Coaching, Coach-Client-interaction

Coaching is a collaborative process, during which a coach supports the client in improving performance, personal and job-related development, and enhancing self-reflection and well-being. An important topic of our research is how Coaching in the context of career orientation and career planning should be designed. Using interaction analyses, we investigate the verbal and nonverbal interaction of coach and client: For example, we look at questions, relationship-enhancing factors and the solution finding process

Current and concluded projects (selection):

  • ProWi+: Quo vadis Post-Doc: Professorship, Industry or precarious employment situation? Individual, social, and organizational factors for the career development and the career success of junior scientists (2016-2019; BMBF)

  • ProNet+: With networking to the top - Career promotion of female doctoral candidates (2012-2013; BMBF)

  • CHO1CE: Du hast die Wahl - Wege ins Studium für die First Generation öffnen (2017-2018; realization in cooperation with central Student Advisory Service, TU Braunschweig)

  • Fit4TU - The Online Self-Assesment for TU Braunschweig Prospective Students (since 2012; stabilized by long-term student fees, in cooperation with the TU Braunschweig Student Advice Centre)

  • NTH-Project "University Dropout" (2015-2016; in cooperation with LU Hannover & TU Clausthal)

  • XIST-Start-Up-Culture - The Founder Academy (2012-2016; BMWi)

Publications (selection):

Contributions to journals:

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Contributions to textbooks:

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