TU Braunschweig enriches the educational and cultural calendar of Braunschweig and the region with a multitude of events. More than 1,000 lectures, colloquia, seminars and workshops in different areas of research and teaching are given by the best national and international speakers. In addition, the campus is a popular conference venue, with around 100 national and international conferences and symposia taking place here each year.

The Communications and Press Service organises TU Braunschweig’s large-scale central events, such as the “Check-in – Discover Science!” umbrella programme.

TU-Night - Science meets music

TU-Night combines a science event with a music festival on three stages with regional and national bands and DJs. With this unusual combination, TU Braunschweig showcases its research topics and activities in a very special way.

During these evenings, scientists hold events and activities under a common theme, including lectures, laboratory tours and hands-on experiments. Lively debates are encouraged.

More than 1,400 active participants are involved in preparing the extensive programmes for TU Day and TU Night. During internal workshops, they contribute to developing the concept for the major annual event.

By the way, TU Night has something to offer for every age group. But young people in particular are drawn like moths to a flame: almost half of the 25,000 visitors are under the age of 25.

Children’s University Braunschweig

Each winter semester since 2004, TU Braunschweig has offered a Children’s University event. This lecture series is aimed at students ages 8 to 12 and is adapted to primary school education. The event starts off at the Schwedenheim daycare centre in the Weststadt district, before the children get the chance to visit the “big” Children’s University in TU Braunschweig’s Audimax lecture hall. Here, motivated scientists give a total of five age-appropriate lectures to get youngsters fired up about science.

Offers for secondary school students

TU Braunschweig is very active in motivating tomorrow’s scientists. One important tool in this work is the School-University Working Group (AG Schule-Uni) which takes a holistic approach under the “Check-in – Discover Science” umbrella programme: it aims to reach out to children and young people of all ages and levels and get them interested in science and research.

“Check-in – Discover Science!” bundles a diverse range of offers, mostly in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects, but also in the humanities and sports science. These hands-on projects support and enrich the education of young people of all school types and age levels, for example by letting them take part in exciting experiments.

Events in the city

Along with other research institutes in the region, TU Braunschweig regularly participates in science events in Braunschweig’s city centre. A recent example was the Science Cloud that the City of Braunschweig organised with ForschungsRegion Braunschweig on the central Burgplatz. With these events in the heart of the city, TU Braunschweig is able to reach even more people and elicit their interest and even fascination, including amongst those who have never been to our campus for TU Day, TU Night or Children’s University.

Calender of Events

In our Calender of Events, you will find a list of public lectures, talks, colloquia, seminars, conferences and workshops.

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