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Email: p.tinnefeld@tu-braunschweig.de
Phone: +49 531 391 55243
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We moved into a new building: BRICS, Rebenring 56, 38106 Braunschweig

Award: GATTAquannt GmbH wins first prize in the OptecNet Start-up Challenge (22.06.2016). Congrats to Jürgen, Carsten, Max and Soefiene.

Teaching: PCI-Klausur im Sommersemester 2016: Infos hier

New Publication: C. Vietz, B. Lalkens, G.P. Acuna, P. Tinnefeld (2016): Functionalizing large nanoparticles for small gaps in dimer nanoantennas - New Journal of Physics, online.

New Publication: H.C. Høiberg, S.S. Simmel, P. Holzmeister, P. Tinnefeld, T. Liedl, P.C. Nickels (2016): DNA Origami Seesaws as Comparative Binding Assay - ChemBioChem, 17, 1-5.

New Publication: S. Schulz, A. Gietl, K. Smollett, P. Tinnefeld, F. Werner, D. Grohmann (2016): TFE and Spt4/5 open and close the RNA polymerase clamp during the transcription cyclePNAS, 113, 13, E1816-1825, press release

New Publication: E. A. Hemmig, C. Creatore, B. Wünsch, L. Hecker, P. Mair, M. A. Parker, S. Emmott, P. Tinnefeld, U. F. Keyser, and A. W. Chin (2016): Programming light-harvesting efficiency using DNA origami - Nano Lett., 16, 4, 2369-2374.

Teaching: LabVIEW-workshop starts on 5th April 2016, 11:30-13:00. Further information on registration and deadline here.

Teaching: Die Modulabschlussklausur aus PC1 und PC2 (für Chemiker) 19.02.2016: hier; Ergebnisse

We welcome Dr. Izabela Kaminska  from Nicolaus Copernicus University/Poland as PostDoc in our research group!

New Publication: J. Molle, M. Raab, S. Holzmeister, D. Schmitt-Monreal, D. Grohmann, Z. He, P. Tinnefeld (2016): Superresolution microscopy with transient binding - Curr Opin Biotech, 39, 8-16.

Publication: J. Chen, X. Ji, P. Tinnefeld, Zhike He (2016): Multifunctional Dumbbell-Shaped DNA-Templated Selective Formation of Fluorescent Silver Nanoclusters or Copper Nanoparticles for Sensitive Detection of Biomolecules, ACS Appl. Mater. & Interf.  8, 3, 1786-1794.

Publication: A. Puchkova, C.Vietz, E. Pibiri, B. Wuensch, M. Sanz Paz, G. P. Acuna, P. Tinnefeld (2015): DNA Origami Nanoantennas with over 5000fold Fluorescence Enhancement and Single-Molecule Detection at 25 µM - Nano Lett., 15(12), 8354-8359.

Award: Our team „Nanolabor“ wins second prize in the Bio-Gründer Competition 2015. BIO-Security. Congrats to Birka with Guillermo, Sofiene, Caro and Philip. Press release/BRICS-news

We welcome Prof. Baoxiang Gao from Hebei University/China as Visiting Professor in our research group!

Teaching: Die Klausureinsicht für PC1 für alle Studiengänge findet am Dienstag 01.09.2015 um 10 Uhr, Hans-Sommer-Straße 10, 2. OG statt.

Ergebnisse: hier.

Publication: H. Ta, J. Keller, M. Haltmeier, S.K. Saka, J. Schmied, F. Opazo, P. Tinnefeld, A. Munk, S. Hell (2015): Mapping molecules in scanning far-field fluorescence nanoscopy - Nat. Commun., 6:7977.

Teaching: Lecture "Moderne optische Methoden und Imaging" starts 2015, October 21st, 14:30 / HS10, room 219. All those  interested in the lecture should  register by  contacting Prof. Tinnefeld: p.tinnefeld@tu-braunschweig.de

For more information: here

Publication: S. W. Hell, S. J. Sahl, M. Bates, X. Zhuang, R. Heintzmann, M. J Booth, J. Bewersdorf, G. Shtengel, H. Hess, P. Tinnefeld, A. Honigmann, S. Jakobs, I. Testa, Cognet, B. Lounis, H. Ewers, S. J Davis, C. Eggeling, D. Klenerman, K. I Willig, G. Vicidomini, M. Castello, A. Diaspro and T. Cordes (2015): The 2015 super-resolution microscopy roadmap - J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys., 48:443001.

Teaching: Die Klausur Physikalische Chemie I findet am 21.08.2015 statt. Für weitere Informationen hier

We welcome Prof. Zhike He from Wuhan University/China as Visiting Professor in our research group!

Publication: T. Cordes, J. Vogelsang, C. Steinhauer, I.H. Stein, C. Forthmann, A. Gietl, J. Schmied, G. Acuna, S. Laurien, B. Lalkens, P. Tinnefeld (2015): Far-Field Nanoscopy with Conventional Fluorophores: Photostability, Photophysics & Transient Binding - Springer Series on Fluorescence, Volume on “Far-Field Optical Nanoscopy”, Series Editor: O. Wolfbeis, Volume Editors: P. Tinnefeld, C. Eggeling, S.W. Hell, online.

Publication: I. Jusuk, C. Vietz, M. Raab, T. Dammeyer, P. Tinnefeld (2015): Super-Resolution Imaging Conditions for enhanced Yellow Fluorescent Protein (eYFP) Demonstrated on DNA Origami Nanorulers - Sci. Rep., 5:14075.

Publication: T. Ye, C. Li, C. Su, X. Ji, J. Zheng, P. Tinnefeld, Zhike He (2015): Enzymatic Polymerization of Poly (Thymine) for Copper Nanoparticles Synthesis with Tunable Size and Its Application in Enzyme Sensing - Chem. Comm., 51, 8644-8647.

Publication: P. Ringel, C. Probst, T. Dammeyer, S. Buchmeier, L. Jänsch, J. Wissing, P. Tinnefeld, R.R. Mendel, B.M. Jockusch, T. Kruse (2015): Enzymatic characterization of recombinant nitrate reductase expressed and purified from Neurospora crassa - Fungal Genetics and Biology, 80, 10-18.

Publication: C. Kaplan, B. Jing, C. Winterflood, D. Bridges, P. Occhipinti, J.J. Schmied, S. Grinhagens, T. Gronemeyer, P. Tinnefeld, A. Gladfelter, J. Ries, H. Ewers (2015): Absolute Arrangement of Subunits in Cytoskeletal Septin Filaments in Cells Measured by Fluorescence Microscopy - Nano Lett., 15(6), 3859-3864.

Congratulations to Dr. Dina Grohmann for her new position as Professor for Biology at Regensburg university!

Teaching: LabVIEW-workshop starts on 14 April 2015. Further information on registration and deadline here.

Publication: S. Beater,  P. Holzmeister, E. Pibiri, B. Lalkens, and P. Tinnefeld (2015): Simple and aberration-free 4color-STED - multiplexing by transient binding - Optics Express, 23(7), 8630-8638.

Teaching: PC I-Thermodynamics lecture starts after Easter, on 17 April 2015, 8 a.m. PK 2.1.

Award: E.G. Rochow Family Trust prize awarded to Dr. Phil Holzmeister!

Klausurergebnisse: PC1 und PC Modul jetzt hier

Poster award: Dr. Dina Grohmann was awarded first place for her poster presentation at the 50th Winter Seminar on "Biophysical Chemistry, Molecular Biology and Cybernetics of Cell Functions"

Klausurankündigung: Die PC-Modulklausur und die PC1-Klausur finden am 13.2.2015 um 13.30 in den Räumen Zi24.1 und Zi24.2 statt. Siehe auch hier.

BIOMOD: The Nanoscooter won the gold medal in the big jamboree hostet by the WYSS institute in Harvard!

Publication: P. Holzmeister, E. Pibiri, J.J. Schmied, T.Sen, G.P. Acuna, P. Tinnefeld (2014): Quantum yield and excitation rate of single molecules close to metallic nanostructures - Nature Communications, 5:5356 press release 

BRICS news: BRICS is a joint center of the TU Braunschweig and the Helmholtz Center for Infection Research. All up-to-date information here.

Teaching: Lecture "Moderne optische Methoden und Imaging" starts 2014, October 22th, 13:30 / HS10.1

New Book: "Far-Field Optical Nanoscopy" Springer Series on Fluorescence Volume 14 edited by Christian Eggeling, Stefan Hell, and Philip Tinnefeld. Available as ebook (see chapters) and hardcover on 24.03.2015.

Publication: A. Gust, A. Zander, A. Gietl, P. Holzmeister, S. Schulz, B. Lalkens, P. Tinnefeld, D. Grohmann (2014): A Starting Point for Fluorescence-Based Single-Molecule Measurements in Biomolecular Research, Molecules, 19, 10, 15824-15865.

Press release: Photonik Forschung Deutschland (supported by BMBF) highlights the foundation of the startup company GATTAquant. For more information here.

Ergebnisse der PC1-Klausur jetzt online!

Publication: G.P. Acuna, D. Grohmann, P. Tinnefeld (2014): Enhancing Single-Molecule Spectroscopy with Nanophotonics, Minireview - FEBS Lett., 588, 19. 3547-3552

Publication: S. Beater, M. Raab, P. Tinnefeld (2014):  Toward quantitative fluorescence microscopy with DNA origami nanorulers (Book Chapter)Methods in Cell Biology Book Series, online.

Publication: M. Raab, J.J. Schmied, I. Jusuk, C. Forthmann, P. Tinnefeld (2014): Fluorescence Microscopy with 6 nm Resolution on DNA Origami - ChemPhysChem, 15(12), 2431-2435, (issue back cover).

Publication: J.J. Schmied, M. Raab, C. Forthmann, E. Pibiri, B. Wünsch, T. Dammeyer, P. Tinnefeld (2014): DNA origami based standards for quantitative fluorescence microscopy - Nature Prot., 9, 1367-1391

Publication: E. Pibiri, P. Holzmeister, B. Lalkens, G.P. Acuna, P. Tinnefled (2014): Single-Molecule Positioning in Zeromode Waveguides by DNA Origami Nano-Adapters - Nano Lett., 14(6), 3499–3503. Press release.

Publication: P. Holzmeister, A. Gietl, and P. Tinnefeld (2014)Geminate Recombination as a Photoprotection Mechanism for Fluorescent Dyes - Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 126, 22, 5792-5796, hot paper.  Press release / BRICS news.

Publication: A. Gietl, P. Holzmeister, F. Blombach, S. Schulz, L. Voith von Voithenberg, D. C. Lamb, F. Werner, P. Tinnefeld and D. Grohmann (2014): Eukaryotic and archaeal TBP and TFB/TF(II)B follow different promoter DNA bending pathways - Nucleic Acids Research, 42(10):6219-31.Access the recommendation on F1000Prime

Publication: J.V. Pellegrotti, G.P. Acuna, A. Puchkova, P. Holzmeister, A. Gietl, B. Lalkens, F. Stefani, P. Tinnefeld (2014): Controlled reduction of photobleaching in DNA origami – gold nanoparticle hybrids - Nano Lett., 14(5), 2831-2836. Press release / BRICS news.

Vacancies: We are seeking a business economist. For further information on employment ad click here.

Teaching summer term 2014:

  • LabVIEW-course starts on 7 April 2014. Further information on registration and deadline here.
  • PC I-Thermodynamics lecture starts after Easter, on 23 April 2014!

Klausurergebnisse: PC1/PC-Modul.

Die  Klausureinsicht findet am Mittwoch, den 5.3.2014 von 9.30 bis 11.30 im Raum 219 statt.

Publication: S. Beater,  P. Holzmeister, E. Pibiri, B. Lalkens, and P. Tinnefeld (2014): Choosing Dyes for cw-STED Nanoscopy using self-assembled Nanorulers - PhysChemChemPhys, 16, 6990-6996.

Exploration Grant: Dina Grohman receives  an "Exploration Grants for outstanding research group leaders" from the Boehringer Ingelheim Stiftung (2014).

Publication: A. Zander, P. Holzmeister, Klose D., P. Tinnefeld and D. Grohmann (2014): Single-molecule FRET supports two-state model of Argonaute actionRNA Biology, 11(1), 45-56.

Publication: P.Holzmeister, B. Wünsch, A. Gietl, P. Tinnefeld (2014): Single-Molecule Photophysics of Dark Quenchers as Non-Fluorescent FRET acceptors - Photochem. & Photobiol. Sci., 2014,13, 853-858.

Publication: S. Heucke, F. Baumann, G.P. Acuna, P.M.D. Severin, S.W. Stahl, M. Strackharn, I.H. Stein, P. Altpeter, P. Tinnefeld, H.E. Gaub (2014): Placing Individual Molecules in the Center of Nanoapertures - Nano Lett., 14(2), 391-395.

Two Publications won a CeNS Publication Award 2013:

  • Placing Individual Molecules in the Center of Nanoapertures - Nano Letters (online) is a winner of the CeNS Publication Award 2013!
  • DNA Origami Nanopillars as Standards for Three-dimensional Superresolution Microscopy - Nano Letters13(2), 781–785 is a winner of the CeNS Publication Award 2013!

Publication: P. Holzmeister, G. P. Acuna, D. Grohmann, P. Tinnefeld (2014): Breaking the Concentration Limit of Optical Single -Molecule Detection - Chem.Soc.Rev., 43(4), 1014-1028 (issue back cover).

This is a HOT Chem.Soc.Rev. article! Download for free untill 20th October 2013!

Teaching: Lecture "Advanced Physical Chemistry: NanoBioSciences" takes place on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 8:15 - 9:45 s.t. / HS10.1.

Publication: X. Yu, D.Y. Lei, F. Amin, R. Hartmann, G.P. Acuna, A. Guerreo-Martinez, S.A. Maier, P. Tinnefeld, S. Carregal-Romero, W.J. Parak (2013): Distance Control in-between Plasmonic Nanoparticles via Biological and Polymeric SpacersNano Today, 8 (5), 480-493.

Teaching: "Advanced Physical Chemistry: NanoBioSciences" starts 2013, October 24th, 9:00 s.t. / HS10.1

Poster award: Phil Holzmeister was awarded the poster prize for the single molecule session at the International Conference on Photochemistry 2013

Klausur Biophysikalische Chemie: aktuelle Informationen ab sofort hier.

CeNS Award: Friedericke Möller wins Attocube Research Award 2013  for Master thesis!

Klausur PC1 und Modulklausur PC1+PC2: aktuelle Informationen ab sofort hierAchtung: Änderung des Raums!

Publication: F.M. Möller, P. Holzmeister, T. Sen, G.P. Acuna, P. Tinnefeld (2013): Modulation of Single-Molecule Fluorescence by Gold Nanoparticles on DNA Origami Templates - Nanophotonics, 9 (13), 2210-2222.

Publication: A. Kurz, J.J. Schmied, K. Grußmayer, P. Holzmeister, P. Tinnefeld, D.-P. Herten (2013): Counting Fluorescent Dye Molecules on DNA Origami by Means of Photon Statistics - Small, 9 (23), 4061-8.

Publication: D. Grohmann, F. Werner, P. Tinnefeld (2013): Making Connections–Strategies for Single-Molecule Fluorescence Biophysics - Curr. Op. Chem. Biol., 17, online.

Publication: P. Tinnefeld (2013): Single-Molecule Detection: Breaking the Concentration Barrier - Nature Nanotechnol., 8, 480–482.

Publication: G.P. Acuna, P. Holzmeister, F.M. Möller, S. Beater, B. Lalkens, P. Tinnefeld (2013): DNA-Templated Nanoantennas for Single-Molecule Detection at Elevated Concentrations - J. Biomed. Opt., 18, 6, 065001, 1-5.

Publication: T. Dammeyer, K.N. Timmis, P. Tinnefeld (2013): Broad Host Range Vectors for Expression of Proteins with (Twin-) Strep-Tag, HIS-Tag and Engineered, Export Optimized Yellow Fluorescent Protein - Microbial Cell Factories, 12, 1, 49.

Publication: S. Heucke, E. Puchner , S. Stahl, A. Holleitner, H. E. Gaub, P. Tinnefeld (2013): Nanoapertures for AFM-based Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy - Int. J. Nanotechnol., 10, 5/6/7, 607-619.

Teaching: The block course "Angewandte Biophysikalische Chemie" for Chemistry and Biotechnology students takes place at 5.4.2013. Details.

Highlights: Acuna et al. (Science 2012) has been highligted in several jounals:

Publication: A. Gietl and D. Grohmann (2013):  Modern biophysical approaches probe transcription-factor-induced DNA bending and looping - Biochem Soc Trans., 1;41(1):368-73.

Publication: J.J. Schmied, C. Forthmann, E. Pibiri, B. Lalkens, P. Nickels, T. Liedl and P. Tinnefeld (2013): DNA Origami Nanopillars as Standards for Three-dimensional Superresolution Microscopy - Nano Letters13(2), 781–785.

Publication:  C. Steinhauer, M.S. Itano and P. Tinnefeld (2013): Super-Resolution Fluorescence Imaging with Blink Microscopy - Methods in Molecular Biology, 950, 111-129, Springer Protocolls, Book Title: Nanoimaging: Methods and Protocols.

Publication: J.J. Schmied, A. Gietl, P. Holzmeister, C. Forthmann, C. Steinhauer, T. Dammeyer and P. Tinnefeld (2012): Fluorescence and super-resolution standards based on DNA origami - Nature Methods, 9, 1133–1134, Press release: German / English 

Publication: T. Dammeyer and P. Tinnefeld (2012): Engineered fluorescent proteins illuminate the bacterial periplasm - Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal.

CeNS Award: Dr. Guillermo Acuna won a CeNS Publication Award 2012

Publication: G.P. Acuna, F.M. Möller, P. Holzmeister, S. Beater, B. Lalkens and P. Tinnefeld (2012): Fluorescence Enhancement at Docking Sites of DNA-Directed Self-Assembled Nanoantennas - Science, 338(6106): 506-510,  Press release, Research Highlight, News & Views

Teaching  in winter term 2012/13: 

Publication: T. Cordes, J. Vogelsang, C. Steinhauer, I.H. Stein, C. Forthmann, A. Gietl, J. Schmied, G. Acuna, S. Laurien, B. Lalkens, P. Tinnefeld (2012): Far-Field Nanoscopy with Conventional Fluorophores: Photostability, Photophysics & Transient Binding - Springer Series on Fluorescence, Volume on “Far-Field Optical Nanoscopy”, Series Editor: O. Wolfbeis, Volume Editors: P. Tinnefeld, C. Eggeling, S.W. Hell.

GRC poster award: Phil Holzmeister was awarded second place for his poster presentation at the Gordon Research Conference on "Single Molecule Approaches to Biology".

Publication: P. Tinnefeld, T. Cordes (2012): ‘Self-Healing Dyes’ – Intramolecular Stabilization of Organic Fluorophores - Nat. Methods, 9: 426–427.

Publication: A. Gietl, P. Holzmeister, D. Grohmann, P. Tinnefeld (2012): DNA Origami as Biocompatible Surface to Match Ensemble and Single-Molecule Experiments - Nucleic Acids Res., 40, 14, e110.

Teaching: PC I: Thermodynamics lecture starts at 11. April 2012. An overview of the lecture will be provided and organizational issues regarding the lecture as well as the tutorials will be discussed.

Publication: M.S. Itano, C. Steinhauer, J. Schmied, C. Forthmann, P. Liu, A.K. Neumann, K. Jacobson, P. Tinnefeld, N. Thompson (2012): Super-Resolution Imaging of C-Type Lectin and Influenza Hemagglutinin Nanodomains on Plasma Membranes using Blink Microscopy - Biophys. J., 102(7): 1534-1542.

Publication: G.P. Acuna, M. Bucher, I.H. Stein, C. Steinhauer, A. Kuzyk, P. Holzmeister, R. Schreiber, A. Moroz, F.D. Stefani, T. Liedl, F.C. Simmel, P. Tinnefeld (2012): Distance Dependence of Single-Fluorophore Quenching by Gold Nanoparticles studied on DNA Origami - ACS Nano,  6, 4, 3189-3195.

Publication: T. Ha and P. Tinnefeld (2012): Photophysics of Fluorescence Probes for Single-Molecule Biophysics and Super-Resolution Imaging - Annu. Rev. Phys. Chem., 63, 26.1 - 26.23

Publcation: Ingo H. Stein, Stella Capone, Jochem H. Smit, Fabian Baumann, Thorben Cordes and Philip Tinnefeld (2012): Linking Single-Molecule Blinking to Chromophore Structure and Redox Potentials - ChemPhysChem., 13(4):931-937.

CeNS Award: Ingo Stein and Christian Steinhauer won a CeNS Publication Award  2011!

  • Ingo H. Stein, Verena Schüller, Philip Böhm, Philip Tinnefeld, and Tim Liedl (2011): Single-Molecule FRET Ruler Based on Rigid DNA Origami Blocks ChemPhysChem, 12(3): 689-695.
  • Ralf Jungmann, Christian Steinhauer, Max Scheible, Anton Kuzyk, Philip Tinnefeld, and Friedrich Simmel (2010): Single-Molecule Kinetics and Super-Resolution Microscopy by Fluorescence Imaging of Transient Binding on DNA Origami - Nano Lett. 10(11): 4756–4761

Teaching WiSe 2011/12: The "Seminar zum Praktikum Physikalische Chemie (BSc)" starts on 25.10.2011 (details here)

Teaching WiSe 2011/12: Lecture "Advanced Physical Chemistry - NanoBioSciences" starts on 27.10.2011 (details here!)

Publication: Carsten Forthmann, Jürgen Schmied and Philip Tinnefeld (2011): Super-auflösende Fluoreszenzmikroskopie mit einzelnen Molekülen - LaborPraxis

ChemCup 2011: Winner of the soccer tournament is the "Bunter Haufen" team (Tinnefeld group and friends)!

Teaching: Please register here for the OC/PC-Practicum WS 2011/12.

Publication: D. Smith, V. Schüller, C. Forthmann, R. Schreiber, P. Tinnefeld, T. Liedl (2011): A structurally variable hinged tetrahedron framework from DNA origami - Journal of Nucleic Acid, ID 360954

Publication: I.H. Stein, P. Tinnefeld (2011): Single-Molecule FRET & Super-Resolution: DNA Nanostructures Organize Dyes for Nanophotonic Apps - GIT Imaging and Microscopy

Join us: Vacancies (BSc, MSc, PhD, PostDoc)

Teaching: PC I: Thermodynamics lecture starts at 6. April 2011. An overview of the lecture will be provided and organizational issues regarding the lecture as well as the tutorials will be discussed.

Publication: I.H. Stein, C. Steinhauer and P. Tinnefeld (2011): Single-Molecule Four-Color FRET Visualizes Energy Transfer Paths on DNA Origami - J Am Chem Soc. Issue cover.
Highlighted in Nature Chemistry: "Energy transfer: On the right path" by Bo Albinsson. Also highlighted in academics.de and pro-physik.de.

Teaching: WiSe2010/11 The block course "Angewandte Biophysikalische Chemie" takes place 11.3.2011 from 9am to 2pm in HR 30.2.

Publication: T. Cordes, A. Maiser, C. Steinhauer, L. Schermelleh, P. Tinnefeld (2011): Mechanism and Advancement of Antifading Agents for Confocal Microscopy - PhysChemChemPhys

Publication: Ingo H. Stein, Verena Schüller, P. Böhm, P. Tinnefeld, T. Liedl (2011): Single-molecule FRET ruler based on rigid DNA origami blocks - ChemPhysChem

Upcoming event: Braunschweiger Bio-Imaging Symposium BBIS, 16.02.2011, 1:20 pm – 6:00 pm, Neuer Senatssitzungssaal. Download symposium program here!

Christian Steinhauer won the „Student presentation award  of the „Australian Intsitut of Physics Congress 2010“.

Nano meets Bio: Prof. Tinnefeld's inaugural lecture

Publication: R. Jungmann, C. Steinhauer, M. Scheible, A. Kuzyk, P. Tinnefeld, F.C. Simmel (2010): Single-Molecule Kinetics and Super-Resolution Microscopy by Fluorescence Imaging of Transient Binding on DNA Origami - Nano Letters

Teaching in winter term 2010: Biophysical Chemistry (M.Sc.Chem.)

Old group homepage at the LMU: http://www.biophysik.physik.uni-muenchen.de/groups/single-molecule-fluorescence-spectroscopy

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